CCIE R&S VPN Technologies Course Complete!

Are you nervous when it comes to the VPN technologies in your CCIE R&S Written and Lab exams? Have no fear – the CBT Nuggets course is here!

Master these important technologies using the straightforward and easy to digest CBT Nuggets format. The complete course video listing is here:
1. Welcome to Part 4 of CCIE RS v5 All-In-One (3 min)

2. MPLS Labels (8 min)

3. LSRs (7 min)

4. LSPs (7 min)

5. Bonus Tip: The Cisco Feature Navigator (5 min)

6. Label Distribution (7 min)

7. The LFIB (6 min)

8. Creating the Provider Core Topology (15 min)

9. Configuring Basic MPLS (8 min)

10. Verifying Basic MPLS (12 min)

11. LDP at the CLI (20 min)

12. Bonus Tip: Tracking Your Study Progress (7 min)

13. Troubleshooting the Provider Network (21 min)

14. MPLS PING (12 min)

15. MPLS Traceroute (9 min)

16. MBGP on the PE Devices (13 min)

17. VRFs on the PE Devices (12 min)

18. CE to PE Routing (12 min)

19. Redistr and Verif in the L3 MPLS VPN (20 min)

20. Extranet: Route Leaking (20 min)

21. GRE (12 min)

22. mGRE (8 min)

23. NHRP (7 min)

24. Introduction to DMVPN (7 min)

25. Building a Practice DMVPN Topology (15 min)

26. NHRP in the DMVPN – EIGRP (22 min)

27. IPSec in the DMVPN (9 min)

28. OSPF in the DMVPN (5 min)

29. QoS Pre-Classify (11 min)

30. Legacy Site to Site IPsec VPNs (16 min)

31. VTI Site to Site IPsec VPNs (14 min)

32. AToM (9 min)

33. L2TPV3 (10 min)

34. VPLS (9 min)

35. GET VPN (12 min)

If you are waiting for the Part 3 Routing course, that will be 80 Nuggets in length and will finish this week (6/1/2015).


6 thoughts on “CCIE R&S VPN Technologies Course Complete!

  1. Thanks. Already completed it. It’s a very good course. It’s explained very good. Epic work Anthony

  2. thank you Anthony!

    Actually i’m waiting for Part 3 , but i hope to edit BGP nuggets videos because it’s very boring and not explained in easy way.

    1. Yes- we are looking at replacing the BGP content once the entire course (6 parts) is complete. Thanks for your feedback!

  3. Hi Anthony, i’m working on your VPN series and i’m at the nuggets IPSEC with DMVPN, gotta say so far it’s been a great journey, but i have some questions for you and it’s depedents on the learner, but i just want to know your idea, Let’s say if one read the CCIE OFFICAL book about DMVNP and the other dont but he follow all of your nuggets and master all the content in the video, what will be the level between the reader and the watcher? are they gona be equal about infomation that they need in the exam ? again i know it’s a very arbitrary question i just want to know your point of view in this. thank you!

    1. Both students must practice many hours with HANDS ON experience with DMVPN or both will most likely fail the lab exam. The most prepared students tend to be those that watch the Nuggets, read the DOC-CD, and practice!

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