More CBT Nugget CCIE R&S Classes Completing!

CBT Nuggets is thrilled to announce that more of the 6 part CCIE R&S All-In-One classes will be wrapping up soon.

All remaining videos for Cisco CCIE RS v5 All-In-One: 4.0 VPN Technologies will be submitted this week, and published by next week (5/25/2015).

All remaining videos for Cisco CCIE RS v5 All-In-One: 3.0 Layer 3 Technologies will be submitted the week of 6/1/2015 and will be published shortly thereafter.

This is over 100 videos of CCIE R&S v5 goodness. If you have not tried our videos yet, now might just be a great time for a seven day free trial!

Parts 5 and 6 will start in June, and we will do our best to complete them in that month as well. Peace, love, and Nuggets!


13 thoughts on “More CBT Nugget CCIE R&S Classes Completing!

  1. Hi Anthony,

    May i know if you dont mind why “Cisco CCIE RS v5 All-In-One: 3.0 Layer 3” is not over yet? it has been a loooooong time…

    1. It will be over 80 Nuggets long – and we had to get some other training out quicker – like F5 and NetApp. But we have a better system in place now to get all courses completed more efficiently. Enjoy the training!

  2. Also remember, as a subscriber, you can watch Nuggets as they complete. You do not need to wait for all videos to complete. Are you a subscriber?

    1. To be honest with you, NO, im not a subscriber, im using the pirate version of videos… because right now i dont have a job to afford the the fees and im just studying for CCIE (by borrowing some money)… i’ve promised to my self when i get a job i’ll fully subscribe to CBTNuggets and INE… Because i really want you guys to continue your Great work…

  3. It would appear that Scott has left the business?
    Anyway , Anthony and Keith are like a double team.

  4. Hi Anthony,

    Could you help me interpret the output listed below?

    REP-R7#trace so lo0
    Type escape sequence to abort.
    Tracing the route to
    VRF info: (vrf in name/id, vrf out name/id)
    1 [MPLS: Label 502 Exp 0] 29 msec [MPLS: Label 602 Exp 0] 90 msec [MPLS: Label 502 Exp 0] 93 msec
    2 45 msec 43 msec 52 msec

    As it pertains to the trace-route, does that mean that I possibly have a loop in the mpls forwarding-table since the route is hopping from labels 502 to 602 and then back to 502?
    If you look further, the route seems to hop from to and then back to

    P.S. I plan on subscribing once my funds are in order.

  5. Anthony,

    I’ve been enjoying your CCIE series as I prepare for the certification. You had mentioned about trying to start and wrap up the remaining 2 parts this month. How is that progressing? I haven’t seen anything posted yet on yet so I was just curious. Keep up the good work!


    1. Hi Jon!

      The response regarding our CCIE courses for R&S has been amazing. We were doing them as side project Nuggets to more popular courses. What we want to do now is give them more focus. So I am wrapping up EMC now – then a secret quick course – then on to the last two parts. I can give an accurate start date soon. Once they start – they will be the sole focus – so you will have new content to view each business day. Thanks – and again – will provide more details once I have them and can ensure their accuracy. I do not want to give incorrect start or completion dates ever again! 🙂

  6. Sir..

    thanks for such a great training videos for CCNP DC course..
    expecting further more and looking for the CCIE DC training from you only..
    tried others like INE,,but it just dont click,,,

    please do reply,if its under production or not??

    1. The CCIE R&S training at CBT Nuggets was a huge success. No word yet on other tracks, but I will post here if it is going to happen. Thanks for the kind words!

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