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ENARSI Practice Exam Completion Date is Friday 10/23/2020!

For all of the students in my CCNP Enterprise Exam Review sessions, I will be completing the ENARSI practice exam this Friday, 10/23/2020.

That means if you check the class share anytime on Saturday, you wlll see and can download your completed exam and answer key!

So sorry for the delay – and enjoy this practice exam experience to help ensure you are ready for the real thing!

My ENCOR Practice Exams are LIVE on Udemy!

I have not been a big fan of the practice exams for ENCOR that I have seen so far. Why?

  • Recycled questions from old CCNP and CCIE written exams that are no longer in scope
  • Incorrect questions
  • Stale or irrelevant REFERENCE links
  • Too expensive
  • Vague questions
  • Silly questions

Not one to just sit back and watch this happen, I decided to compose my own and make them available via Udemy. Here is a coupon code for you – ENJOY!


BIG FAVOR: I initially published these accidentally when they were IN PROGRESS. As a result, I got some ONE star reviews. Yikes. Please consider leaving a review after you have experienced the product. I am wagering you will think these practice exams are 5 STARS! Thanks!

What practice exams should I create next for Udemy? Let me know in the comments section below!!!! And thanks again! You are the reason I work 80 to 100 hours per week!

Full ENCOR Practice Exam Uploaded to the Class Share!

For those of you in my Saturday evening sessions for the CCNP Enterprise Exam reviews, your PDFs for the full ENCOR practice exam are now uploaded to the class share.

Notice this is one full 102 question practice exam with an answer key. Be sure to save this exam and take it just before you think you are ready to pass the real thing.

Best of luck and enjoy! Remember, the ENARSI practice exam will be ready tomorrow evening shortly after the conclusion of our live events.