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Start Your Pluralsight Authoring Career NOW!

After a seven year career with a much lesser quality competitor, I began as a contract author with Pluralsight and loved the experience so much, I am now a full time principal author and evangelist with Pluralsight! Woohoo!

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We have an immediate need in my IT Ops domain for the following (but do not let these titles stop you!)

  • VMware Workspace ONE
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This CCIE Ent. Infra. Strategies Book is a MUST HAVE Students Report

I have had several reviews come in indicating this book is a MUST HAVE! Woohoo!

Yes, like just about EVERY book ever written, this is taking a bit longer than I had anticipated. But this is because once I started writing about the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure written and lab exams, I realized just HOW MUCH there is to say!!! My goodness.

This text (as you can see below) is incredibly thorough and places everything you need right at your fingertips – step by step!

Here is the content that is complete so far in BOLD. Note that the non-bold text gives you the content I am working on releasing for the text. Content releases the moment it is complete.

  • Introduction
  • Front Matter
    • Why this Book?
  • The Upfront Details
    • Chapter 1 The Written Qualification Exam
    • Chapter 2 The Hands-On Practical Lab Exam
    • Chapter 3 Grading and Your CCIE Lab Exam
    • Chapter 4 The Hardware and Software of the CCIE Lab Exam
    • Chapter 5 Using the Cisco Documentation in the CCIE Lab Exam
  • The CCIE Mindset
    • Chapter 6 Establishing your Whys
    • Chapter 7 Sticking to your Goals
    • Chapter 8 Recognizing and Avoiding Burnout
    • Chapter 9 Dealing with Failure
    • Chapter 10 Thinking Like a Router
  • Recommended Prep Strategies
    • Chapter 11 The Study Tracker
    • Chapter 12 The Study Schedule
    • Chapter 13 Using Study Resources
    • Chapter 14 Practice Lab Options
    • Chapter 15 Staging Practice Labs
    • More chapters coming
  • Recommended Lab Exam Strategies
    • More chapters coming
  • End Matter
    • Appendix A ENCOR Exam Objectives
    • Appendix B The Practical Lab Exam Objectives

Lock in the pre-sale price of $19.95 and get each chapter as they complete!