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Final Day for Intro Price of CCIE Demystified Text

Monday 5/24/2021 is the final day for the Intro price of my CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Demystified – Volume 1 – Strategies text! This crazy low $9.95 intro price moves to the regular list price of $19.95 on 5/25/2021.

You can use this link to take advantage of the low intro price TODAY ONLY!

Here are the resources already completed and waiting for you in this online text:

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure V1 Demystified – Volume 1 – Strategies

  • Introduction
    • Front Matter
    • Why this Book?
  • The Upfront Details
    • Chapter 1 The Written Qualification Exam
    • Chapter 1 Knowledge Check
    • Chapter 2 The Hands-On Practical Lab Exam
    • Chapter 2 Knowledge Check
    • Chapter 3 How Your Lab Exam is Graded
  • The CCIE Mindset
  • Recommended Prep Strategies
  • Recommended Exam Strategies
  • End Matter
    • APPENDIX A ENCOR Exam Objectives
    • APPENDIX B The Practical Lab Exam Objectives

Many more sections and chapters are being edited now and will be released soon! The updates have been arriving approximately every two days.

Yes, I am Finally Publishing CCIE Books!

It is the number one question I have received over the years – “when are you going to write a book (or books) on passing the CCIE?” Well, thanks to, that time has finally arrived.

I am currently releasing one chapter at a time for the eager readers of my first text. I am starting with:

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1 Demystified – Volume 1 – Strategies

What is great about releasing the text in this way is that students can take advantage of additional downloads, interactive online Knowledge Checks, and more on the website. All of the text’s extras are organized right there where you need them.

This must have for anyone even thinking about CCIE is only $9.99!


As you can tell from the really long title, this Volume 1 text is all about the often overlooked training for CCIE candidates – STRATEGY! So many CCIE’s look back on their journey and wish they had more guidance in this area. Let’s face it, there is plenty of information readily available for us on the technologies of the lab, but almost nothing on the strategies that we need to pass!

Topics in this volume include:

  • The written and lab exam details
  • The CCIE mindset
  • Effective written exam study techniques
  • Effective Lab exam study techniques
  • Written exam strategies
  • Lab exam Design section strategies
  • Lab exam Deploy section strategies
  • Cisco documentation mastery
  • And more!