Why I Use CBT Nuggets Training – Part 6 – Accountability Coaching

CBT Nuggets

What is another reason I use CBT Nuggets training? I need a coach at times to keep me on task. I have used this service twice at CBT Nuggets. In both cases, I really needed to complete the course I was working on in a timely manner.

You probably know the drill…you have every intention of completing a certain number of training videos each week, and then you fail to reach your goal. And the videos to complete start to pile up…and then you get frustrated and stressed…and then the Nuggets start to pile up even more.

An accountability coach just might be the answer. You are interviewed by one of our coaches, your needs and requirements are explored, and then you have someone to help you reach your goals! The coaches also provide great information for you on the vast number of resources that are available to you to help ensure your success.

It might seem rather amazing and impossible that this service is included in your CBT Nuggets membership – but it is! Enjoy!

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