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Subscription Fatigue – Try My Lifetime Membership!

Lifetime Membership to

I am betting that you agree with me on this one – I am so tired of everything moving to a subscription model. Sure – for something like my Disney+, I guess it makes sense, but I must admit – I have been very fond of the A La Carte approach of Udemy.

What is the point of all this? I wanted to extend an offer for my products at IEprep.com.

Enjoy the IEprep.com community, content, and CCIE Demystified Text for a one-time, low payment!

What you’ll get:

  • All current and future videos and assignments
  • IEprep.com Community Membership
  • The CCIE Demystified Text (in progress) 

Enjoy this SUBSCRIPTION-FREE option and enjoy a membership for life. THIS OFFER IS ONLY VALID MARCH 2023.


Ep 1 – IT Certification Weekly 4/17/2020

I hope you enjoy the first installment of a weekly YouTube show I am creating for the IT Certification community.

Thanks in advance for watching and posting your questions or comments!

In this episode, I cover the following:

  • The growing list of certification vendors permitting home/office testing options
  • Step by step guidance on how to be ready for the at home testing
  • The ever-growing list of Specialty Certifications from AWS