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What’s New in Tech! 8/9/2020

Welcome to the first edition!

I was teaching a live class in Cisco ENCOR recently and my students and I were chatting about the importance of keeping track of what is happening as far as new technology goes. While I was going to provide a big list of links where you can subscribe to updates, I realized pretty quickly that I would be cursing my students with flood of email that I receive, and it might do more harm than good.

As a result of all this, I will be doing a regular series of posts here that discuss some of the biggest news, and of course, I will be sure to link you to where you can get more information.

Thanks for reading and visiting and enjoy!

Operating Systems

MacOS Big Sur Public Beta Observations

That is right – MacOS is about to turn 11 (version number that is). In this article, you get observations about this new OS from Apple. It will feature more user interface redesign then has been done in a very long time.


“Have I Been Pwned” Going Open Source

What a killer website and idea. You enter your email address and it will tell you where your email address was compromised (along with a bunch of other data I am sure). I had 5 instances for just one of my many email addresses. In a new development, the creator of Have I Been Pwned is providing his site and all its data to the open source community in order for his concept to be able to do even more good in the world!


AWS Wavelength – Coming Soon!

AWS Wavelength embeds AWS compute and storage services at the edge of telecommunications providers’ 5G networks. This boosts dramatically the seamless access to the breadth of AWS services in the region. AWS Wavelength enables you to build applications that serve mobile end-users and devices with single-digit millisecond latencies over 5G networks. This is incredible news for the gaming and IoT (among other) segments!


Cisco Completes the Acquisition of ThousandEyes

Be sure to visit the ThousandEyes website so you can get a free video demo of their main software suite. It is pretty impressive and is geared toward the modern need for visibility into your private and public network segments. Gone are the days where all of your IT resources were all tucked in your own private data center. This tools gives a level of visibility never before thought possible.

Thank You ITProTV!!!

Always the observant one, I have driven by the Florida highway exit for ITProTV many times! I guess I really did think their HQ would be in California! It turns out, Gainesville, Florida is famous for more than just the Gators (and gators). 

Many IT training companies have thought about trying the ITProTV “Hollywood” approach, but few even try and execute it. Those that do typically fail rather spectacularly and publicly. ITProTV, on the other hand, nails it.

I am currently enjoying their Intro to Ansible course and quickly remembered why so many companies were thinking of trying to lead at this (I was with one called KnowledgeNet many years back). Two trainers are way better than one, and they do actual professional video production. And we all love watching television. In fact, this allows you to binge (even in the free account tier!)

ITProTV absolutely pops and sounds terrific on today’s mobile devices. I am not sure about you, but after hammering away at a keyboard for hours each day, I really like propping the pillows and jamming some DevOps training on the iPhone 11 Huge Max or whatever the heck it’s called.

Enjoy my quick little photo tour, which really undersells how amazing it is. We are talking numerous uniquely designed sets that are fun to perform in, and even more fun to watch. I can’t wait to appear in some upcoming episodes!

Enjoy a Free Personal Account that never expires. Should you want to upgrade, that starts as a free trial. Entire starter courses are in the free account tier, like CompTIA’s IT Fundamentals. A perfect first step for an upcoming addict. 🙂 In a super cool move, they even broadcast live into the free tier. Always something cool to check out. Here is a link to the personal plans. There are also business plans available.

When to Schedule that Next IT Certification Exam…

cert exam

I am updating a whole host of my Data Center certifications and I just had to make some decisions on scheduling. As a result, I wanted to share my thoughts on this topic here, as it is a bit more important than people realize I think.

For this discussion, let’s make an assumption. That assumption is – you have a local testing center that is not over-booked. So this means that you can schedule your exam for whenever you like with just 24 hours notice.

With this assumption in place – what do you do regarding these two main approaches –

  1. Schedule for a date in the future that you want to be ready for.
  2. Schedule for the next day once you verify you are ready.

Here are observations about each approach:

Option 1

  • This can help those that tend to procrastinate and put off studying. Since the exam is scheduled and approaching – you better get studying!
  • This can lead to a pretty major issue. Here it is. You study as much as you can up to the test date. You are unable to study (and lab) several topics as well as you would have liked to and now you just go and take that test and try your best. You pass (barely). Now you move on to the next Cert topic on your list. But of course the issue is, you have some gaps in your knowledge and prep – and now they might NEVER get filled!

Option 2

  • This option is dangerous for those of us that like to put off our studying. Let’s face it – you do not have a firm test date and you might let the process drag on forever.
  • The great news on this approach is that you can be FULLY ready for that exam – ensuring you left no stone unturned.

I always prefer and follow option 2. I use tools to help me (like the Streaks app) to ensure I am prepping for the exam every day. I have had far too many challenges with option 1 – just skating by on exams and then worrying about knowledge gaps.

Whatever path you choose – enjoy the journey!