Get Ready – Your CBT Nuggets Experience is Improving!

Screenshot 2015-08-26 20.29.27

Yes, you are going to be noticing improvements in all aspects of CBT Nuggets. If you are on your PC enjoying classes, you will note a new video player that is better than ever and that will allow us to do cool new things like skin it and pop it out of your browser! Those features will roll out very soon with this new player.

The mobile apps are overhauled and will be hitting your phones and tablets soon. These will just be the beginning as we are committed to incredible updates in the future on a consistent time schedule. Hey, but not as annoying as those weekly Adobe Flash Updates. 🙂

The CBT Nuggets blog is better than ever – be sure to check it out today at, and keep in mind that content is free for everyone.

And last but not least, you are going to notice dramatic improvements in the content across all of our many subject areas. Better visuals, better demos, better instruction – we will never rest!

When I decided to join CBT Nuggets full time, one of the huge factors for me was this relentless desire for improvement that is ingrained in our culture and will never stop. As a subscriber to our content, you made the right choice!

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