Course Update: S. Morris and A. Sequeira Begin CCIE R&S v5 Part 3!

Scott Morris and Anthony Sequeira, both full-time instructors with CBT Nuggets, have launched their Part 3 of the CCIE R&S v5 All-In-One course. This part of the course is the largest collection of videos and deals with Layer 3 technologies, including scalable routing protocols, Layer 3 multicast, and troubleshooting.


This third part is one of six overall parts to the collection of Nugget courses that prepare students for both the written and the lab exams. The parts are as follows:

This collection of courses is very unique in that a different combination of top instructors is used for each. For example, Anthony Sequeira and Keith Barker completed the 1st part, while Keith and Jeremy Cioara train the second.

Training is possible on every smart device and industry-best features like bookmarking, notetaking, and even playing the instructor at various speeds.

We hope you enjoy these courses as much as we enjoyed making them, and remember, study with passion!

2 thoughts on “Course Update: S. Morris and A. Sequeira Begin CCIE R&S v5 Part 3!

  1. Hi Anthony, first of all thank you very much for your videos at CBTNuggets. I’m preparing myself for CCIE R&S and I’ve seen that from July 2016 the CCIE blueprint will include another section ‘Evolving Technologies’.

    Are you guys planing to record some videos in CBTnuggets in order to cover this sections?

    Thank you

    1. I am covering this information here at the blog. I create a blog post or a video for each. Check out the CCIE R&S category for some I have created so far.

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