1.3X Speed Arrives in the CBT Nugget Player

I have never worked in a company like CBT Nuggets before. In fact, not many of my previous employers even came close. What I am referring to? I am referring to a RELENTLESS hunger for improvement in all aspects of the organization. Just one area is listening to the feedback of customers and making substantial improvements in those areas.

Screenshot 2014-06-22 19.21.09

Students have always loved our video players in the various devices, from PC to smartphone and everything in between. One awesome feature of the video player is the ability to slow down or speed up the instructor. Let’s face it, no matter how much you love him or her, your instructor might speak a little too slow or a little too fast for your liking. I tend to speak very deliberately. While many foreign speaking students absolutely LOVE this about my training, others like it not so much. 🙂 CBT Nuggets to the rescue – speed me up!

Many students have pointed out that some of the trainers might be good with just a LITTLE extra speed. 🙂 The 1.3X speed is now active in the main players and will soon be available on all devices. Enjoy this new speed and keep studying with passion.

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