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AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate


Do you need to get up and running quickly with your System Operations Administration of Amazon Web Services (AWS)? My course is complete for you at CBT Nuggets. Click here to experience it!

This is the second course in our AWS library and there are MANY more to come over the coming months. ENJOY!

Here is the list of videos:

1. Course Introduction (3 min)
2. The AWS Free Tier (4 min)
3. Building an AWS Environment (8 min)
4. Architecting for AWS Best Practices (9 min)
5. Provision and Automate Cloud Resources (20 min)
6. OpsWorks (5 min)
7. Other Automation Methods (10 min)
8. Meet your Default Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) (9 min)
9. Creating Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) in AWS (19 min)
10. AWS Connectivity Features (11 min)
11. Introducing Elastic Load Balancing (8 min)
12. Creating an Elastic Load Balancer (8 min)
13. Relational Database Services (RDS) (10 min)
14. Backups (10 min)
15. Disaster Recovery in AWS (7 min)
16. The Shared Responsibility Model (3 min)
17. AWS Identity and Access Management (11 min)
18. Data Integrity and Access Controls (7 min)
19. Prepare for Security Assessment Use (7 min)
20. Enforcing Compliance Requirements (3 min)
21. AWS Pricing (8 min)
22. Monitor and Manage Billing and Cost Optimization Processes (5 min)
23. Monitor Availability and Performance (10 min)

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I am so excited to reach the OSPF part of this journey through routing and switching at CBT Nuggets! The course will show up on Monday 5/23/2016 with the first couple of Nuggets complete. This course is part of a massive series covering some of the most critical routing and switching topics:

  • JNCIS-ENT(JN0-343) – Layer 2
  • JNCIS-ENT(JN0-343) – Layer 2 Security
  • JNCIS-ENT(JN0-343) – OSPF 
  • JNCIS-ENT(JN0-343) – IS-IS
  • JNCIS-ENT(JN0-343) – BGP
  • JNCIS-ENT(JN0-343) – Protocol Independent Routing; Tunnels
  • JNCIS-ENT(JN0-343) – High Availability

Let’s face it – its not like the Layer 2 stuff was not fun, but OSPF gives us an opportunity to have some really interesting demonstrations and discussions.

Topics in this course will include:

  • Identify the concepts, operation and functionality of OSPF
    • Link-state database
    • OSPF packet types
    • Router ID
    • Adjacencies and neighbors
    • Designated router (DR) and backup designated router (BDR)
    • OSPF area and router types
    • LSA packet types
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to configure, monitor and troubleshoot OSPF
    • Areas, interfaces and neighbors
    • Additional basic options
    • Routing policy application
    • Troubleshooting tools
  • Realms

Are you ready for a deeper dive with OSPF than ever before? Join me in this self-paced training event!