The New 200-155 DCICT Exam for CCNA Data Center


Overview of the DCICT Exam

The CCNA Data Center has finally revised! This certification has lunged from version 1 to version 6. The CCNA Data Center is still made up of two exams you must pass. These exams have no prerequisites.  This post focuses on the new Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking Technologies (DCICT) exam. In a previous post, we did this for the first of the two exams – DCICN.

The Old DCICT Exam

Are you interested in squeaking out the old DCICT exam? Its number is 640-916 and your last day to test is April 11, 2017. If you are interested in my training course for this exam, it can be found here at CBT Nuggets until its retirement.

This “old” exam featured these major sections and exam percentages:

1.0 Cisco Data Center Fundamentals Concepts 30%
2.0 Data Center Unified Fabric 20%
3.0 Storage Networking 18%
4.0 Data Center Virtualization 14%
5.0 Unified Computing 17%
6.0 Data Center Network Services 1%

The New DCICT Exam

The new exam features these major sections and exam percentages:

1.0 Unified Computing 25%
2.0 Network Virtualization 17%
3.0 Cisco Data Center Networking Technologies 26%
4.0 Automation and Orchestration 15%
5.0 Application Centric Infrastructure 17%

What was removed from the old exam to the new and what was added? Here are the biggest areas:


  • Removed Cisco Data Center Fundamentals topics including SAN have removed
  • Removed network design models
  • Moved and expanded Storage Networking, including SAN, Fibre Channel, and IP Storage topics into 200-150 DCICN
  • Removed Network Services topics such as load balancers, Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE) and Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS)

Added or Changed:

  • Expand virtualization of compute and network
  • Overlay and underlay, control plane and data plane
  • Basics of cloud computing
  • Automation and orchestration of data center infrastructure including Cisco UCS Director basic functions
  • Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) including the architecture of an ACI environment, the policy-driven application deployment model, and the ACI logical model

In the next post – I will provide you with the complete topic list for this new DCICT exam!
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    1. We are looking for someone now for this course I believe. If we do not find him or her – I might be able to work it in!

  1. Hi Anthony,

    There is not update on this since long time, can you please udpate if you guys are planning for new data center series.


    1. Yes! I want to do CCNA Data Center for CCNAs! It will be one course for both exams and it will assume CCNA R&S knowledge – so none of that will be covered. I am pitching it to CBT Nuggets today.

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