You Down with BGP? More Nuggets Coming!

The initial Module (Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) – Basic Operations) is being met with rave reviews so far at CBT Nuggets. To recap, here were the videos in that Module:

1 An Overview of BGP
2 BGP Message Types
3 BGP Message Formats
4 BGP Neighbor States
5 BGP Path Attributes
6 The Origin Attribute
7 The AS_PATH Attribute
8 The NEXT_HOP Attribute
9 BGP Weight
10 BGP Best Path Selection

What is next in the BGP lineup? Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) – Peerings of course! Here is a peek at the Nugget list so far!

1 eBGP Peerings
2 Cisco eBGP Peering Example
3 Juniper eBGP Peering Example
4 iBGP Peerings
5 Cisco iBGP Peering Example
6 Juniper eBGP Peering Example
7 eBGP Multihop
8 Using BGP Authentication
9 Misc. Cisco Neighbor Options
10 Misc. Juniper Neighbor Options

Following this module – more fun BGP on the way!

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