Why I Use CBT Nuggets Training – Part 1 – the Trainer Matters!

When I was a kid, there was a commercial I was subjected to again and again. It was the Hair Club for Men. The nice young man indicated that he was not just the president of the Hair Club for Men, but also a client.

CBT NuggetsToday, I know how he feels, even though I possess mainly a full head of hair.

You see, I am not only a trainer at CBT Nuggets, but I am also a learner! I use CBT Nuggets almost every day in order to learn a new (or old) IT technology. Why?

Reason number 1 is that I have become extremely picky when it comes to my online trainer. If he or she is not engaging, I AM OUT! It is not enough to be a master of the content. You must capture my attention, you must draw me in, you must get me excited about learning.

This is extremely rare to find in online trainers of IT. Just try YouTube on a tech topic and you will quickly see the issues that arise with many trying to teach in this field. At CBT Nuggets, I know I am going to be in the virtual classroom of an expert and an incredible trainer.

One of my all time favorites? Keith Barker. Keith makes learning the most complex topics in IT simple, and fun!

At CBT Nuggets, you will not find dozens of trainers, only a few of the very best.

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One thought on “Why I Use CBT Nuggets Training – Part 1 – the Trainer Matters!

  1. Yes I also feel the same .CBT makes it interesting.But CBT needs to come up in other areas like Data Center and Security , Design at CCIE level

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