What Will You Resolve to Learn in 2017?


Yes – it is that time! It is time to make those training resolutions for 2017. Please share your training goals with AJSNetworking.com in the comments below! Here are mine:

  • IFR Private Pilot
  • Python
  • More Project Management Topics
  • Intermediate Guitar
  • Half Marathon under 2 hours

I am sure I will have a lot more as the year progresses! How about you???

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6 thoughts on “What Will You Resolve to Learn in 2017?

  1. So looking forward to 2017 and learning how to use my word processor which I’ve been using for years but honestly just make my way through in a clumsy, novice fashion. Also, Id like to thank Anthony Sequeira for your inspiration and also how much I enjoy your blogs! Happy New year!!

  2. Have high expectations from 2017 & will focus on learning many technologies like:
    1- Python scripting
    2- AWS certification
    3- CCIE security V5 Lab exam

  3. ~How to add digital downloads to my website
    ~How to communicate more effectively
    ~How to license artwork
    ~How to live in the present
    ~How to become more disciplined
    ~How to be more focused
    ~Emotional Intelligence
    ~Art techniques
    ~Listen to my heart

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