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CCIE R&S v5 Part 4 VPN Tech Has Started!

cciePart 4 of 6 of CCIE R&S v5 All-In-One is underway at CBT Nuggets and I am so thrilled to be the primary instructor for this course. This course focuses on all of the topics required for the VPN Technologies sections of the written and practical exams.

This is sure to be the most popular of all the courses with our students since it covers topics that are fairly new or VERY new to the track. For example, MPLS was with us in Version 4, but now we add to that the DMVPN (practical) and topics like GET VPN (written-only).

I will be using the new Cisco VIRL as the basis for hands on practice. Feel free to follow along with me command by command. Of course if you are a GNS3 person, fire that up instead.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the course is that we are more granular than ever at CBT Nuggets now. So if you have MPLS basically nailed, for example, and you just need to refresh on a couple of topics, the outline will be very clear for you on what Nuggets you need to watch right away. As always, if I speak too deliberately for you, speed me up to as much as 2X speed.

Enjoy the new Nuggets everyone. I sure am having an absolute blast making them for you.

First CCIE R&S v5 All-In-One Course Complete Next Week!


Keith Barker and Anthony Sequeira of CBT Nuggets complete their first of six courses for the Written and Lab Exams for version 5 of the R&S CCIE early next week (March 10-12, 2014). The full six course lineup follows the written and exam blueprints and includes these action-packed courses:

This first course includes every item found on the blueprint fully explained, exciting live demonstrations, practice written certification questions, and many Bonus Tip Videos providing valuable exam preparation guidance. The course consists of 22 videos – each about 20 minutes in length for convenient, efficient learning.

Remember to enjoy these videos on your favorite mobile device when you are out of the office.

Study with passion!