First CCIE R&S v5 All-In-One Course Complete Next Week!


Keith Barker and Anthony Sequeira of CBT Nuggets complete their first of six courses for the Written and Lab Exams for version 5 of the R&S CCIE early next week (March 10-12, 2014). The full six course lineup follows the written and exam blueprints and includes these action-packed courses:

This first course includes every item found on the blueprint fully explained, exciting live demonstrations, practice written certification questions, and many Bonus Tip Videos providing valuable exam preparation guidance. The course consists of 22 videos – each about 20 minutes in length for convenient, efficient learning.

Remember to enjoy these videos on your favorite mobile device when you are out of the office.

Study with passion!

51 thoughts on “First CCIE R&S v5 All-In-One Course Complete Next Week!

  1. Hi Anthony, Great news on the series, Just wondered if you will be covering anything about recursive routing failures in the series (or even a Micronugget) as I have just been learning the hard way with BGP & recursive routing failures ๐Ÿ™‚ – Looking forward to the rest of the series coming soon.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi John!

      We will indeed be hitting that mind bending topic in the series! Thanks for the suggestion and the post.

    1. Hello Siavash – thank you or reading and posting! We have not discussed timelines yet – and we are also considering bringing in other CBT Nuggets instructors! If I were to guess – I would say that we finish all six courses in July.

  2. Hi Anthony! Great work!
    But plz update at what time would you plan start 2.0 Layer 2 Technologies course?

    1. We are meeting about that on Monday – we may be bringing in more trainers for the remaining 5 courses!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. BIG NEWS! You heard it here first – Jeremy Cioara and Keith Barker are teaming up for Part 2 and it starts this week!!!! Scott Morris and I teaming up for Part 3!!!!

      1. I can hear my heartbeat now, it’s gonna be amazing. best of the best tries to create the best CCIE series ever. I can’t sleep anymore until this parts release.

        1. Yes – we are all really excited – a CCIE video course taught by Anthony Sequeira, Jeremy Cioara, Scott Morris, and Keith Barker. Crazy!

          1. Yeah Anthony! i cant find anywhere a ccie series that has this many legends teach together!

            By the way i’m still waiting for your “Expanded blue print for the CCIEv5” the blue print that lays out every details that we need to know in order to conquer the CCIE exam ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey Anthony!
    I have several questions regarding the CCIE R&S.
    After reading online, I am under the impression that I need to take and pass the written exam before I am even eligible to take the lab portion. After watching videos on CBT Nuggets, I see I have 8 hours altogether. Does that mean I take the written, pass it, then schedule my lab with the time remaining, or is the 8 hours dedicated strictly for all the areas under the lab section?
    Also, I am under the impression that I cannot bring a calculator. If that is the case, can I bring a scratch sheet of paper and a pencil?
    If I do stay for a total of 8 hours, will I be able to bring food and drinks? Is there time allotted for bathroom breaks? Are we allowed to take any breaks between the three sections?
    I saw online that the lab testing center in the US is in San Jose, CA. I’m pretty far from San Jose. Are there any other testing centers for the lab portion in the US? If I am required to make one trip for the written and one trip for the lab, can I take the written elsewhere?
    Thank you for all your time and sorry about the amount of questions. I just want to make sure I’m prepared in every aspect.

    1. You must pass the written to SCHEDULE your lab exam. The written exam is delivered by Vue and is separate from your lab experience. The great news is the written can be taken in your local area just like you take your CCNA and CCNP exams. The LAB exam is the 8 hour exam. The written exam is much shorter.

      Keith and I break down the complex rules and sections of the 8 hour lab exam in our CCIE training course at CBT Nuggets. Are you a subscriber to CBT Nuggets?

  4. Dear Anthony
    As I read (maybe any CCIE candidate) in many blogs and forums for passing the CCIE they recommend many books such as TCP/IP routing by Jeff Doyle, but I think in each topic this book explain many details that not actually necessary such as historical things, RIPv1, RIPng, IGRP, their message formats and so on. May I ask your opinion about this book? And have you any recommended book list? or anything else?

  5. Yes – great point – this book would be too basic for some and would cover to much historic stuff for now.

    I will put together a reading list for each section of our video training course at CBT Nuggets and will be sure to post here on the blog. I will do that this week. Please be watching for new posts.

    Thank you so much for posting your question here.

    1. Thanks to you for your attention to your blog reader and for answering questions, I really appreciate that. I really enjoy the way of CBT nuggets teach. I feel myself next to the trainer.

    2. Dear Anthony

      I shared your blog content in my social accounts then my friends ask me about your reading list that you want to put in each section of CCIE v5. May you tell them a brief detail about that? I will share this blog link in my social accounts too.


  6. Dear Anthony;
    I would like to inquire from you that what will be the expected release schedule of the CCIE R&S v5 All-in-One series, as the CCIE R&S v5 Exam starts from June 4,2014. Kindly tell something about the expected completion date of this course.
    Waiting eagerly for your kind reply.
    Muhammad Ausaf Ali Yousaf

    1. Part two starts any day now and will feature Keith Barker and Jeremy Cioara – then Scott Morris and I will get going on Part 3. We will not complete by June 4 – but we will try and be more consistent with new Nuggets each week.

  7. Hi Anthony.
    You and other guys(Jeremy,Keith,scott) are doing a great job. I want to ask u, when you’re done with all 6 CCIE nuggets, go on this groundbreaking job and start to record CCIE-Security and so On. Do you think there is any possibility for this matter ?

  8. I would like to inquire from you that what will be the expected release schedule of the CCIE R&S v5 All-in-One series.
    Waiting eagerly for your kind reply and upcoming Nuggets :).
    Muhammad Arif

    1. Keith Barker and Jeremy Cioara are starting Part 2 of 6 this week – you will see these new Nuggets in the Upcoming Courses section. Enjoy!

  9. Dear Anthony

    I shared your blog content in my social accounts then my friends ask me about your reading list that you want to put in each section of CCIE v5 (your recommended reading list). May you tell them a brief detail about that? I will share this blog link in my social accounts too.


  10. Hi Anthony
    Really enjoying listening to you and Keith on the commute to work, squeezing every bit of time available to CCIE study. July for all 6 sections? Tall order, but I’m looking forward to them all. By the way, you didn’t happen upon my blog did you, about a study plan? A method of gauging knowledge in one of the first videos was touched upon based upon a method I used myself for the v4 blueprint….great minds think alike eh? Can’t wait for the rest of the series.

  11. Dear Anthony;

    CCIE R&S v5 Exam has been released on June 4,2014 as per Cisco Certification website, but to my surprise CBT Nuggets has only prepared Layer 1.0 technologies Nuggets Series which maps to Chapter 1 of the CCIE curriculum. I wanted to appear in the CCIE exam as early as possible.

    Please guide me whether CBT Nuggets is serious about preparing Nuggets for this series or as to whether i should look towards other sources.Moreover, please guide me as to what materials are available besides CBT Nuggets which you recommend.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Muhammad Yawar Ali Yousaf

      1. Dear Anthony,

        Sorry for late reply.

        Actually I was thinking of buying an annual CBT Nuggets subscription once the course finishes because I have heard that CCIE exam preparation takes about an year time. I do no have an active subscription at this time. Even if I purchase an annual subscription now, I do not think that the whole course would complete in about an year’s time (I would also need time to solve Practice Exam and Labs).

        Moreover, please Anthony I know all the trainers at CBT Nuggets are working to the best of their limits but please consider finishing this course at the earliest.

        Yours Sincerely,
        Muhammad Yawar Ali Yousaf

  12. Dear Anthony,

    As the friend above says: “Moreover, please Anthony I know all the trainers at CBT Nuggets are working to the best of their limits but please consider finishing this course at the earliest.”

    Many people are waiting eagerly for this course to complete. If you don’t mind, my humble suggestion would be to complete this course first utilizing the full potential of all planned CBT Nuggets Networking trainers. I mean that just for the time being, Keith Barker, Jeremy Cioara ,Anthony Sequiria and Scott Morris should focus solely on this course and try to complete it within the minimum possible time, and then move towards other series.

    CCIE is such a high-pressure and high-value certification that it needs time for preparation both on the side of the trainer and the learner, therefor this course should be given high priority.

    Muhammad Ausaf Ali Yousaf

  13. Thank you very much for your hard work Anthony! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the CCIE R&S All in One

  14. Hi Anthony,
    I just finished 1.Network Principles & 2.Layer 2 Technologies, really great material. Do you have an idea of when we will start to see videos for Layer 3 technologies?
    Many thanks,

    1. Awesome work so far Ken. Scott and I will start Part 3 this week. The course already exists in the Upcoming Videos section. Anything else you would like to see in these videos? Any suggestions are welcome…

  15. Thanks Anthony for your reply.
    “Anything else you would like to see in these videos?” Yes please :-), I understand the v5 lab will be using virtual routers. I have 16 x virtual CSR1000 routers running on a couple of hypervisors & 4 x 1841 for PPP serial etc. I believe they will be trunked to a breakout switch. My question is, it would be great if you guys could put a video together about setup/connecting the routers, breakout switch & vSwitch on the hypervisor so everything we need to know is on one video.
    Waiting in anticipation for your Layer 3 technologies…..
    All the best, Ken

  16. Hi Ken – so sorry I missed your earlier post! That is an awesome idea for us to create a video on the ultimate virtual lab setup. I will speak to the other instructors about it.

    I also updated the original post with a link to Part 3 of the series of courses that is now in session. We have two published videos and two more this week in review. Next week – I anticipate a bunch more complete!

    1. Hi Anthony, I am really looking forward to the new Part 3 videos, I will get into them next week.
      If you guys decide to do a video on lab setup, please let me know. It will save me precious study time searching on how to put virtual/physical lab together.
      Many thanks & all the best with the videos ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Hi Anthony,

    I really like your work for Layer 1-3 technologies. Do you have any scheduled date for Layer 4-6 release?


    1. Yes – we will be starting the other courses very soon, and getting them done more quickly. Next up is Course 4 on VPN technologies and it will begin in December.

  18. Hi Anthony,

    Layer 3 course will cover ipv6 for routing protocols? Just asking because, the current list does not have nuggets for RIPng or EIGRP for ipv6, also I suppose that IS-IS will be covered as well in this course right?


    1. Yes indeed – those topics will be in the Course 3. We just wanted to ensure we started with the Nuggets most important for the lab – then cycle back with Nuggets that are written-only. As you can see – we are pushing to complete this entire (massive) course 3 this month.

    1. This course is not complete yet- -that is why it is still located in Upcoming Courses. OSPF, IS-IS, RIPng, EIGRP for IPv6 and more BGP and EIGRP are still on the way!

    1. Hi Sean! Scott Morris just finished his F5 course – then he is going to complete Part 3 with OSPF and IS-IS videos. I am going to crank out Parts 4 through 6 solo in order to get them done rather quickly. You will see many new videos each week on those courses.

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