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Installing VM Maestro in the March 2018 1.5.X VIRL


In this video, I walk you through the installation of VM Maestro for working with VIRL simulations.

August 2015 Brings a New VIRL


I am always so excited for the next VIRL version and the new Operating System images that it brings. Who wouldn’t be? New features in the core product, and new features in the devices that it emulates.

Here is a recap of the new release:

  • New IOS and IOS Layer 2 images bring less CPU consumption
  • The new IOS Layer 2 includes some swell new features including:
    • VLAN Access Maps (VACLs)
    • ACL functionality for both layer2 and layer3 protocol packets
    • Dynamic Trunking Protocol support
    • Switchport protected mode
  • A new NX-OSv image with fun new functionality
  • GNS3 File Import and Export
  • VRF Lite used on the management network to prevent route leaking and other issues
  • Live Visualization enhancements
  • The User Workspace Manager get many new features including system configuration, system status, and the ability to import topologies from GitHub automatically
  • Your VIRL version is now
  • Your new VM Maestro version is

I was delighted to find the in place upgrade went smoothly as described. Of course new OVAs and ISO options are available for those subscribers that need them.