Ready for Layer 2 Security?

Layer 2 Security

I finished up the last uploads today for my Layer 2 course. This means it will show up as complete in the next couple of business days at CBT Nuggets – woohoo!

Now it is time for my next course in the series! Are you ready for some serious Defense in Depth with a hard look at Layer 2 security? Once again, I will divide the Nuggets into theory and practical. This is great for those that really do not want or need the Juniper command line, or perhaps that only want that!!!

Here are you Nuggets forthcoming!

  • Course Introduction
  • Using Your Electronic Flash Cards
  • STP Protections
  • Hands-on Lab: STP Protections
  • Port Security and MAC Limiting
  • Hands-on Lab: Port Security and MAC Limiting
  • DHCP Snooping
  • Hands-on Lab: DHCP Snooping
  • DAI and IP Source Guard
  • Hands-on Lab: DAI and IP Source Guard
  • Storm Control
  • Hands-on Lab: Storm Control
  • Layer 2 Firewall Features
  • Hands-on Lab: Layer 2 Firewall Features
  • Using Juniper Web Site Tools
  • Using the Junosphere Cloud Lab Tools

This course will be created very quickly! I expect to have final Nuggets uploaded about May 2, 2016 so you can expect it to publish in full a couple of days after that. Keep in mind that Nuggets appear for subscribers as I complete them. I will do them in order, so please be encouraged to start ASAP on this course!

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