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OK – sometimes I like to blog lists like this so I remember myself to go check things out. I am getting ready to create my own podcast (on Networking of course!). Here is a list that iPhone Life Magazine ran. It is a list of the staff and reader’s favorite Podcasts. I have not checked these out yet – but I sure plan on it. I hope you enjoy some (or all)  of these:

  • Mystery Show – a unique podcast where a woman needs to solve mysteries, and oh yeah – she cannot use the Internet!
  • Note to Self – this podcast covers the tech age we live in and how it can effect our lives.
  • Snap Judgement – some of the most fascinating stories ever told!
  • Invisibilia – take a deep dive into your mind!
  • Common Sense with Dan Carlin – this podcast features an awesome take on current events.
  • Grammar Girl – we can all use a dose of this podcast I bet. We can brush up on interesting and often overlooked important grammar rules.
  • The Joe Rogan Experience – fascinating guests with a real “just sitting around chatting” feel.
  • One Bad Mother – a hilarious podcast where two Mom’s remind us all how hard their job is and how little credit they get!

3 thoughts on “Top Rated Podcasts!

    1. The big one that I am familiar with is Packet Pushers. This is everything about networking – including, of course, Security!

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