Notes from the VIRL Personal Edition Webinar Sess 1


Hello everyone – I attended and took notes for you on the first Webinar from our friends at VIRL.

  • 1 hour VIRL Webinars will occur monthly – look for me as a guest speaker in the next one – yippee!
  • Recordings of the Webinars will be posted on the VIRL YouTube channel
  • Slides can be downloaded from the Community Support area of
  • A major update to VIRL will be here in days from this post – this update will include some cool new features.
  • Layer 2 IOS is probably about a month away
  • The ASAv is coming to VIRL – no date hinted at yet
  • The Webinar hit the following topics:
    • What is VIRL
    • What VMs are included today
    • The VIRL Architecture
    • Products that are based on VIRL
      • Personal Edition
      • CML
      • /dev/innovate
    • A step by step on Server VM Internet access
    • Connecting VIRL to real gear
    • VM Maestro Power User Tips
    • Guest Speaker Anthony Burke on how he uses VIRL – his blog is at
    • A sneak peek of new features
      • Live visualization maps
      • 3D visualization maps
      • L2 IOS Switching

If you have any questions for me – please post them in the comments below!

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