How Well are You REALLY Listening?

More times than I want to admit it – I don’t listen to others all that well. Hey – after all – I am paid to TALK – not always to listen.

In the 7 Habits of Kick Ass people (I think the actual title might be Highly Effective People or something like that) – we learn there are different levels of listening. I am really going to work on empathic listening from now!

  • Ignoring – here we are not listening at all – it was I do when I hear a Kayne West song 😉
  • Pretending – I am guilty of this with my wife sometimes
  • Selective listening – we are only hearing what we want to really
  • Attentive listening (active) – we are paying attention and focusing energy on the process
  • Empathic listening  – the highest level we can achieve!




One thought on “How Well are You REALLY Listening?

  1. Well said !!
    I do “Selective listening ” when i have a point to raise in a meeting, and that leaves me…missing the other good point ):- #shameonMe and #WorkingOnIT #adminThemistake

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