The New Cloud Essentials Course at CBT Nuggets!

Cloud Essentials

I have uploaded the last Nuggets and Quizzes for CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials course at, and we will publish it to our site shortly for our learners. This course is a specialty Certification from CompTIA and prepares learners to understand Cloud fundamentals and describe potential risks and rewards associated with Cloud technology adoption. This video collection is a perfect first course for those interested in learning one of the hottest topics in modern IT. The course consists of 22 Nuggets and even provides learners with the ability to practice Cloud virtualization in a Hands-on Lab! Should you have any questions at all let me know in the comments area below this blog post.

The course is complete and can be found here! 

Here are the 22 Nuggets of goodness that make up this new course:

  1. Introducing Cloud Essentials
  2. Cloud Computing Defined
  3. Virtualization and the Cloud
  4. Hands-on Lab: Microsoft Hyper-V
  5. Early Examples of Cloud
  6. Is the Cloud for your Company?
  7. “As A Service” Models (XaaS)
  8. Could vs. Outsourcing
  9. Business Characteristics of Cloud
  10. Private vs. Public Cloud
  11. Deploying the Cloud
  12. Challenges and Risks
  13. The Cloud and Applications
  14. Successful Deployment Steps
  15. Cloud Vendors
  16. Organizational Requirements
  17. Migrating Applications
  18. Impact to IT
  19. ITIL and the Cloud
  20. Compliance
  21. Direct Costs and Costs Allocations
  22. Maintaining Strategic Flexibility

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