CompTIA Cloud Essentials – Cloud vs Outsourcing

March 13, 2019 at 9:24 pm

Cloud Essentials

One area that students tend to have a little trouble with in Cloud Essentials is the subtle (and not so subtle) differences we are expected to know between the use of public cloud and outsourcing. After all, at first glance, the use of public cloud really seems to be pretty identical to outsourcing your IT.

Here are the ways in which the two are very similar. Memorize these if you are getting ready for your exam:

  • Your IT department lacks some skills that are required in order for you to get some project or goal achieved; this is why you might do public cloud or outsourcing
  • You lack the physical assets you need to get the job done so you outsource or use public cloud
  • You might get a “vendor lock-in” situation in either case, where you are pretty much stuck with that vendor for a longer time period than you might want

Here are ways in which the two differ – again – you should memorize these if the exam is in your future:

  • Public cloud is very specific to IT, where outsourcing can encompass many non-IT aspects of your business
  • Outsourcing tends to feature much longer contract lengths and more involved contract terms; with cloud computing, we do not have to be locked into long or complex contracts
  • Outsourcing tends to offer much more granular options than with public cloud; for example, you might outsource front line support for a single application and the outsourcing company will provide the staff that are very knowledgable in that application

Be on the lookout for more posts that will challenge you in the tougher areas of Cloud Essentials! Thanks for reading!


The Cloud Essentials Super Challenge Quiz!

March 8, 2019 at 10:31 pm

Are you ready for your Cloud Essentials Super Challenge Quiz??? Have fun and good luck!

The Cloud Essentials Super Challenge Quiz!

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Cloud Essentials

CompTIA Cloud Essentials Pre-Test

March 5, 2019 at 8:37 pm

Are you ready to challenge yourself with some sample CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam questions?

Here you go!

CompTIA Cloud Essentials Pretest

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Network+ N10-007 Filtering with ACLs

July 17, 2018 at 5:43 pm

Enjoy this Nugget from the 2018 Network+ course from CBT Nuggets! This course is amazing as it features myself, Keith Barker, Network Chuck, and Jemery Cioara!


CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-002) Available Now at CBT Nuggets!

June 16, 2018 at 10:39 am


The CompTIA Cloud+ is an internationally recognized certification that will validate your ability to work in a cloud computing environment. This training course will teach you to configure, deploy, secure, and manage cloud technologies while preparing you for CompTIA’s Cloud+ CV0-002 exam.

CBT Nuggets is a CompTIA-approved training provider. By completing this course and submitting the appropriate documentation to CompTIA, you can earn 5 CEUs.

Check out this critical Cloud content!

1. Configuration and Deployment: Cloud Architecture
2. Configuration and Deployment: Interaction of Cloud Components
3. Configuration and Deployment: Interaction of Non-Cloud Components
4. Configuration and Deployment: Evaluation for Cloud Deployment
5. Configuration and Deployment: Automation and Orchestration
6. Configuration and Deployment: Preparing for Deployment
7. Configuration and Deployment: Execute a Deployment Plan
8. Configuration and Deployment: A Deployment Testing Plan
9. Configuration and Deployment: Analyzing Deployment Test Results
10. Configuration and Deployment: Deploying a Virtual Network
11. Configuration and Deployment: Virtual Networking in Azure
12. Configuration and Deployment: CPU and Memory Sizing
13. Configuration and Deployment: Storage Types
14. Configuration and Deployment: S3 in AWS
15. Configuration and Deployment: Provisioning Storage
16. Configuration and Deployment: Protecting and Securing Storage
17. Configuration and Deployment: AWS S3 Versioning
18. Configuration and Deployment: Workload Migration Types
19. Configuration and Deployment: Workload Migration Considerations
20. Configuration and Deployment: Extend an Infrastructure
21. Security: Policies and Compliance
22. Security: Encryption and Tunneling
23. Security: Securing the Infrastructure
24. Security: Using ACLs
25. Security: Security Groups Versus Network ACLs in AWS
26. Security: Secure a Cloud Service Model
27. Security: Automation
28. Maintenance: Applying Patches
29. Maintenance: Applying Updates
30. Maintenance: Backup and Restore
31. Maintenance: Disaster Recovery Methods
32. Maintenance: Disaster Recovery in AWS
33. Maintenance: Business Continuity
34. Maintenance: Maintenance Automation
35. Management: Forecasting Future Needs
36. Management: Allocating Cloud Resources
37. Management: Planning Provisions/Deprovisions
38. Management: Account Provisioning
39. Management: Analyze Deployment Results
40. Management: Applying Changes
41. Management: Reporting Metrics
42. Troubleshooting: A Methodology
43. Troubleshooting: Identify the Problem
44. Troubleshooting: Establish Theory of Probable Cause
45. Troubleshooting: Test the Theory
46. Troubleshooting: Establish a Plan of Action
47. Troubleshooting: Solve, Verify, Document
48. Troubleshooting: Deployment Issues
49. Troubleshooting: Capacity Issues
50. Troubleshooting: Automation-Orchestration Issues
51. Troubleshooting: Common Connectivity Issues
52. Troubleshooting: Network Troubleshooting Tools
53. Troubleshooting: Security Issues