MicroNugget: UCS Specialist Certifications

In this MicroNugget, I discuss Cisco’s Unified Computing Support Specialist certification. This MicroNugget directly relates to the CBT Nuggets Cisco UCS Specialist certification playlist.

2 thoughts on “MicroNugget: UCS Specialist Certifications

  1. This certification seems very interesting, as does the Unified Fabric. Will need you check out your courses. You mentioned about showing these certs to a potential employer. Should someone that does not use UCS at their current job go after a certification like this? Do you recommend starting first with , UCS or Unified Fabric? I’m asking that from the standpoint of finding employment


    1. Hi Chris! You could certainly find employers willing to hire you based on the experience that you gained in the pursuit of certification. This is one of the many reasons that certification is so powerful.

      It does not matter which one you start with – I would recommend that you see which blueprint interest you the most and start there!

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