New VIRL Update (v0.9.17) Adds New Features!

As the VIRL team promised in the recent Webinar – a new release of VIRL has hit and it adds new features. Based on the team hitting this timeline, I believe we will indeed see the much anticipated Layer 2 IOS in the product in March.  These new features include:

  • IOS XRv 5.3.0
  • CSR 1000v XE 3.14
  • Multipoint connector replace by ‘Unmanaged Switch’
  • VM Maestro toolbar and menu layout
  • LXC Jumphost functionality
  • VIRL Software upgrade page
  • Exclude from Launch markers
  • Microsoft Visio VSDX Import support
  • SVG Export support
  • Topology Visualization engine upgrade
  • Visualization Search and query
  • Live Visualization view
  • 3D Visualization view
  • Outline view restored

You can download a new OVA if you do not have VIRL installed – or you can install over the top (in-place upgrade) of your previous install. I will be trying that tomorrow and reporting back here on my blog.

The VIRL team made it clear we all need to move to this release as support will be dropped next month for old versions.

Here are you official instructions:

Peace, love, and emulations!


4 thoughts on “New VIRL Update (v0.9.17) Adds New Features!

  1. I’m currently contemplating if I should go for Virl. I have been using GNS3 and physical switches for my studies. Could you please give me a good reason why I should dish out $150 for VIRL one year license?

    1. Once Layer 2 IOS is implemented – which should be in late March or early April – you can ditch those physical switches and save on your electric bill. 🙂

  2. Any idea on when L2 NX-OS features will be added? I purchased it thinking I could use it to practice for the CCIE DC lab but unfortunately, only L3 is supported.

    1. It would appear that Layer 2 IOS will come first – in fact – I think we will see that this month. I think they might be farther out on the NX-OS L2…I will keep you posted here at the blog of course.

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