Cisco ENCOR Practice Exams Finally Arrive!

David Bombal – Trying to Decide if he Should Grow a Beard or Not

That’s right! I promised them weeks back, but they are finally a reality! Thanks to my joining forces with Network Chuck and David Bombal of, ENCOR practice exams have finally arrived.

Here is what is currently available and what is coming in this Udemy product:

* Practice Exam 1 – this practice test is a complete, 102 question ENCOR exam

* Practice Exam 2 – this practice test is still in progress (there are currently 62 questions available); this practice test will complete development (102 ques) by 9/4/2020

* Super Challenge Practice Exam – this absurdly hard ENCOR practice exam is at 10 questions and will grow over time whenever the trainers at feel like torturing students

If you would like to purchase this product, it is now available:


Personal favor! When you purchase and see its awesomeness, can you please leave a 5 star review on Udemy. I had someone purchase this early release and rate the exams a 1 of 5. They did not understand the exams were still in development. THANKS!

4 thoughts on “Cisco ENCOR Practice Exams Finally Arrive!

  1. Hey Anthony, I just purchased the ENCOR practice exam authored by yourself, David, and Chuck at Udemy. Gave it a 5 stars. I participated in your Live Training at O’Reilly and will be at your CCNP ENCOR training this Saturday Sept. 5th. I’m making sure to have my Good-n-Plenty candy at the ready during your training. Thanks again! 🙂

    1. Hi Peter! No – students of my weekend Exam Review will receive a unique ENCOR practice exam and a unique ENARSI practice exam.

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