Day 3 of Cisco Live 2015

The final John Chambers keynote was the highlight of Day 3. Of course, it was no surprise to find my dear friend Kevin Wallace sitting in the front row of the NetVet section. What was an incredible surprise was the rock band OK GO opening the keynote with a three song session that sounded amazing.

John Chambers spoke for about 45 minutes and highlighted the speed at which companies are failing today if they do not adopt “fast IT” and push harder with new technologies. Ubur and Air B&B were pointed to as companies that are really technology companies that are changing their industries.

As usual, his keynote was pretty riveting. It was incredibly sad to realize it is the last. Although, it was great to hear how John Chambers is still remaining with Cisco in other capacities.

IMG_0702 IMG_0704 IMG_0705

4 thoughts on “Day 3 of Cisco Live 2015

  1. Do you know if they’re going to post a link to the keynote?

    Watching the session right now, it’s great! Also loved the ‘smart stick’ for the blind presented by the team from France. VERY cool!

    1. The keynote you caught was the Tech Keynote – of course – awesome. Looking for a link now for the John Chambers keynote.

  2. i hv a small problem, cn u pls let me knw what is the connection btwn, trunkports and the native vlan?

    2 my undrstanding trunk ports r responsible for puting the non-vlan traffic in to the native vlan, am i rite?

    1. The native VLAN is an untagged VLAN. So the trunk ports tag every frame, except those frames belonging to the native VLAN. Many engineers do not want the security risks associated with the native VLAN – so they turn off or disable the feature in various ways.

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