CCIE Security Written Version 4.0 Exam 350-018 Study Guide

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1.0 Infrastructure, Connectivity, Communications, and Network Security

1.1 Network addressing basics

1.1.a Subnetting Part 1 (YouTube)
Subnetting Part 2 (YouTube)
Subnetting Part 3 (YouTube)
Subnetting/Range Calculation (YouTube)
1.1.b IPv6 Summary Routes (YouTube)
1.1.c EUI-64 (YouTube)

1.2 OSI layers (YouTube)
1.3 TCP/UDP/IP protocols

TCP (Wikipedia)
UDP (Wikipedia)
IP (Wikipedia) (

1.4 LAN switching (for example, VTP, VLANs, spanning tree, and trunking) (
1.5 Routing protocols (for example, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP)

RIP Authentication –

1.5.a Basic functions and characteristics
1.5.b Security features

1.6 Tunneling protocols

1.6.a GRE
1.6.b NHRP
1.6.c IPv6 tunnel types (DOC-CD)

1.7 IP multicast

1.7.a PIM
Multicast Part 1 (YouTube)
Multicast Part 2 (YouTube)
Multicast Part 3 (YouTube)
Multicast Part 4 (YouTube)
Multicast Part 5 (YouTube)
Multicast Part 6 (YouTube)
Multicast Part 7 (YouTube)
1.7.b MSDP (DOC-CD)
1.7.c IGMP and CGMP
1.7.d Multicast Listener Discovery (DOC-CD)

1.8 Wireless

1.8.a SSID
1.8.b Authentication and authorization
1.8.c Rogue APs
1.8.d Session establishment

1.9 Authentication and authorization technologies

1.9.a Single sign-on
1.9.b OTPs
1.9.c LDAP and AD
1.9.d RBAC

1.10 VPNs

1.10.a L2 vs L3
1.10.b MPLS, VRFs, and tag switching

1.11 Mobile IP networks

2.0 Security Protocols

2.1 RSA
2.2 RC4
2.3 MD5
2.4 SHA
2.5 DES
2.6 3DES
2.7 AES
2.8 IPsec
2.10 IKE and IKEv2
2.11 GDOI
2.12 AH
2.13 ESP
2.14 CEP
2.15 TLS and DTLS
2.16 SSL
2.17 SSH
2.19 TACACS+
2.20 LDAP
2.21 EAP methods (for example, EAP-MD5, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-FAST, PEAP, and LEAP)
2.22 PKI, PKIX, and PKCS
2.23 IEEE 802.1X
2.24 WEP, WPA, and WPA2
2.25 WCCP
2.26 SXP
2.27 MACsec

3.0 Application and Infrastructure Security

3.1 HTTP
3.3 SMTP
3.4 DHCP
3.5 DNS
3.6 FTP and SFTP
3.7 TFTP
3.8 NTP
3.9 SNMP
3.10 syslog
3.11 Netlogon, NetBIOS, and SMB
3.12 RPCs
3.13 RDP and VNC
3.14 PCoIP
3.15 OWASP
3.16 Manage unnecessary services

4.0 Threats, Vulnerability Analysis, and Mitigation

4.1 Recognize and mitigate common attacks

4.1.a ICMP attacks and PING floods
4.1.b MITM
4.1.c Replay
4.1.d Spoofing
4.1.e Backdoor
4.1.f Botnets
4.1.g Wireless attacks
4.1.h DoS and DDoS attacks
4.1.i Virus and worm outbreaks
4.1.j Header attacks
4.1.k Tunneling attacks

4.2 Software and OS exploits
4.3 Security and attack tools
4.4 Generic network intrusion prevention concepts
4.5 Packet filtering
4.6 Content filtering and packet inspection
4.7 Endpoint and posture assessment
4.8 QoS marking attacks

5.0 Cisco Security Products, Features, and Management

5.1 Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)

5.1.a Firewall functionality
5.1.b Routing and multicast capabilities
5.1.c Firewall modes
5.1.d NAT (before and after version 8.4)
5.1.e Object definition and ACLs
5.1.f MPF functionality (IPS, QoS, and application awareness)
5.1.g Context-aware firewall
5.1.h Identity-based services
5.1.i Failover options

5.2 Cisco IOS firewalls and NAT

5.2.a CBAC
5.2.b Zone-based firewall
5.2.c Port-to-application mapping
5.2.d Identity-based firewalling

5.3 Cisco Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
5.4 Cisco IOS IPS
5.5 Cisco AAA protocols and application

5.5.a RADIUS
5.5.b TACACS+
5.5.c Device administration
5.5.d Network access
5.5.e IEEE 802.1X
5.5.f VSAs

5.6 Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)
5.7 Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine
5.8 Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) Appliance Server
5.9 Endpoint and client

5.9.a Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client
5.9.b Cisco VPN Client
5.9.c Cisco Secure Desktop
5.9.d Cisco NAC Agent

5.10 Secure access gateways (Cisco IOS router or ASA)

5.10.a IPsec
5.10.b SSL VPN
5.10.c PKI

5.11 Virtual security gateway
5.12 Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series ASA Services Modules
5.13 ScanSafe functionality and components
5.14 Cisco Web Security Appliance and Cisco Email Security Appliance
5.15 Security management

5.15.a Cisco Security Manager
5.15.b Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM)
5.15.c Cisco IPS Device Manager (IDM)
5.15.d Cisco IPS Manager Express (IME)
5.15.e Cisco Configuration Professional
5.15.f Cisco Prime

6.0 Cisco Security Technologies and Solutions

6.1 Router hardening features (for example, CoPP, MPP, uRPF, and PBR)
6.2 Switch security features (for example, anti-spoofing, port, STP, MACSEC, NDAC, and NEAT)

Port Security

6.3 NetFlow
6.4 Wireless security
6.5 Network segregation

6.5.a VRF-aware technologies
6.5.b VXLAN (

6.6 VPN solutions

6.6.a FlexVPN
6.6.b DMVPN
6.6.c GET VPN (
6.6.d Cisco EasyVPN

6.7 Content and packet filtering
6.8 QoS application for security
6.9 Load balancing and failover

7.0 Security Policies and Procedures, Best Practices, and Standards

7.1 Security policy elements
7.2 Information security standards (for example, ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002)
7.3 Standards bodies (for example, ISO, IEC, ITU, ISOC, IETF, IAB, IANA, and ICANN)
7.4 Industry best practices (for example, SOX and PCI DSS)
7.5 Common RFC and BCP (for example, RFC2827/BCP38, RFC3704/BCP84, and RFC5735)
7.6 Security audit and validation
7.7 Risk assessment
7.8 Change management process
7.9 Incident response framework
7.10 Computer security forensics
7.11 Desktop security risk assessment and desktop security risk management

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      The Wikipedia on EAP is nice and concise and readable. Here is the specific quote on EAP and RADIUS: “Both the RADIUS and Diameter AAA protocols can encapsulate EAP messages. They are often used by Network Access Server (NAS) devices to forward EAP packets between IEEE 802.1X endpoints and AAA servers to facilitate IEEE 802.1X.”

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  1. Hi Anthony. Thanks for the work you are doing here. I was wondering if you could recommend a set of books to help prepare for the CCIE Security. I know there is no specific book like there is for the CCIE R&S, so what would you recommend? Thanks in advance!

    1. Here are some to get you started…I would recommend searching on Amazon by topic – for example – Cisco ISE would result in the excellent Cisco Press book on the subject.

      Cisco ASA: All-in-One Firewall, IPS, and VPN Adaptive Security Appliance
      Cisco ASA, PIX, and FWSM Firewall Handbook (2nd Edition)
      Cisco Network Security Troubleshooting Handbook
      Cisco Router Firewall Security
      IPSec VPN Design
      The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide
      Cisco Access Control Security: AAA Administration Services
      Network Security Architectures
      Network Security Principles and Practices

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