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CCIE Security Written Version 4.0 Exam 350-018 Study Guide

Are you studying for the exam referenced in the title above? Bookmark this page as I will be adding resource links to assist in your studies. Enjoy.

1.0 Infrastructure, Connectivity, Communications, and Network Security

1.1 Network addressing basics

1.1.a Subnetting Part 1 (YouTube)
Subnetting Part 2 (YouTube)
Subnetting Part 3 (YouTube)
Subnetting/Range Calculation (YouTube)
1.1.b IPv6 Summary Routes (YouTube)
1.1.c EUI-64 (YouTube)

1.2 OSI layers (YouTube)
1.3 TCP/UDP/IP protocols

TCP (Wikipedia)
UDP (Wikipedia)
IP (Wikipedia) (ajsnetworking.com)

1.4 LAN switching (for example, VTP, VLANs, spanning tree, and trunking) (ajsnetworking.com)
1.5 Routing protocols (for example, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP)

RIP Authentication – ajsnetworking.com

1.5.a Basic functions and characteristics
1.5.b Security features

1.6 Tunneling protocols

1.6.a GRE
1.6.b NHRP
1.6.c IPv6 tunnel types (DOC-CD)

1.7 IP multicast

1.7.a PIM
Multicast Part 1 (YouTube)
Multicast Part 2 (YouTube)
Multicast Part 3 (YouTube)
Multicast Part 4 (YouTube)
Multicast Part 5 (YouTube)
Multicast Part 6 (YouTube)
Multicast Part 7 (YouTube)
1.7.b MSDP (DOC-CD)
1.7.c IGMP and CGMP
1.7.d Multicast Listener Discovery (DOC-CD)

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