Wait – Microsoft Has the Fastest Browser?

Microsoft-EdgeSo if you are like me, you have caught the headlines. Some in and around Microsoft are claiming the new browser featured in Windows 10 (code named Spartan, but ultimately named Edge), is the fastest browser on the planet.

Well, I grabbed the latest Windows 10 tech preview, a stopwatch, and my daughter and her friend for a very scientific experiment.

The job of Chrome, Safari, and Edge was to browse to CBT Nuggets, log in, and the play a video from my Storage+ course there. What was the result? Wow – congratulations Microsoft!!!


28 seconds


24 seconds

Microsoft Edge:

18 seconds 

I cannot wait to experiment with the Edge browser more now that Microsoft has my attention. Have feedback on Edge, or anything Windows 10? Please use and abuse the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “Wait – Microsoft Has the Fastest Browser?

  1. Wow i can’t believe that, after the disaster of Internet Explorer we didn’t expect a good Browser from Microsoft .. i will need to try that after i upgrade to windows 10 of course!

    1. Yeah – I was pretty stunned at how it performed. I was also thrilled to see that the CBT Nuggets web site was coded in such a way to take advantage of it, and to not experience issues!

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