CCDA 200-310 at CBT Nuggets – Revised Outline


The New CCDA Date:

In addition to the CCDA outline changing, I have a revised completion date. This course completes on 12/31/2015 just in time for the new year! As you can see below – the outline grew considerably based on author and student feedback. Remember, current subscribers can enjoy many of the Nuggets that are completed right now:


The New and Improved CCDA Outline :

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Plan, Build, Manage
  3. The PPDIOO Network Lifecycle
  4. Characterizing the Existing Network
  5. IP SLA
  6. Top-Down Versus Bottom-Up
  7. Case Study: Top-Down Design
  8. Building a Modular Network
  9. Applying Modularity
  10. Campus Network Design
  11. Designing Enterprise Network Security
  12. Designing the Edge Module
  13. WAN Design
  14. Branch Design
  15. Data Center Design
  16. IP Addressing
  17. Routing Protocols
  18. Case Study: IGPs
  19. Case Study: BGP
  20. QoS
  21. Wireless
  22. Case Study: Wireless
  23. Collaboration
  24. Case Study: Collaboration
  25. SDN

7 thoughts on “CCDA 200-310 at CBT Nuggets – Revised Outline

  1. Sounds great Anthony! Looking forward to it…

    Is there a lot of new subjects in the new stuff? (Currently CCNA/CCDA) working towards the P level

    Maybe it’s good as a Brush-up before the CCDP?

    1. There is certainly a fair amount of new conversations to have – like virtualization and data center. Also, in classic discussions like Campus Design, we now need to consider new tech like TRILL and VTP 3. I see the course as being a real nice brush up for you before the wonderful world of CCDP.

      1. Most awesome.

        I’ll have a go at before I dig into Jeremys CCNP. 🙂

        Putting all focus in on Christmas and Re-Cert CCNA @ CiscoLiveBerlin.
        Then the we off to the races 🙂

        Goal is to have a CCNP/CCDP by the end of 2016. Route/Switch skills are there but the Cisco-Exams are tricky you know 🙂

        1. Killer plan – yes – the darn exams are tricky – especially lately when they wander the f@ck off blueprint.

  2. Hi, Anthony.

    Loving your courses. I have been following the 200-310 CCDA on CBT Nuggets. I guess I am hoping to find out how much of the CBT NUggets videos overlap there will be between 640-864 CCDA and 200-310 CCDA. I will be writing CCDA 200-310 before July 2016 to renew my CCNA. Since no book, and read your 12/10/15 post, there is all the ammunition to worry. Not sure what would I do without your courses. And on another note, what does blueprint mean here?


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