Battle of the AI Chat Bots!


What is the BEST AI chat tool? Is it Bing, or ChatGPT, or Bard? While everyone will have their favorite, and probably shout about with great loyalty from the rooftops, I was intrigued to read a recent PC World article about this.

Even with just some casual use of the three tools, I could see that some of these new AI tools were better than others at certain tasks.

Here is my summary for my readers on the PC World results. Enjoy and I hope this helps you find the right AI fit.

Test 1 – Up-To-Date Information: WINNER: Bing

Test 2 – Current Events: WINNER: Tie

Test 3 – Uncertain Information: Bing

Test 4 – Complex Searches: Bard

Test 5 – Informed Opinion: ChatGPT

Test 6 – Problem Solving: ChatGPT

Test 7 – Logic: Bing/Bard

Test 8 – Coding From Scratch: ChatGPT

Test 9 – Deductive Reasoning: ChatGPT

Test 10: Creativity: Bing/ChatGPT


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