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Create Mailbox Databases in Exchange 2016

Enjoy this free, sample Nugget from the CBT Nuggets course Microsoft Exchange Server 2016: Mailbox Databases! This course can be found here: This Nugget shows you how easy it is to create and configure mailbox databases using the GUI inside Exchange 2016 as well as the command line. This Nugget follows many other Nuggets in the course that detail the important planning and design elements that you should grasp in order to build the best and most efficient Exchange infrastructure possible. This Nugget also performs these configurations on an Azure-based Exchange environment. The course provides you with all the scripts and instructions for creating your own such lab environment.

Exchange Mailbox Databases

Exam 70-345: Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Coming to CBT Nuggets!

Exchange 2016

I have been supporting Microsoft Exchange environments since 1996. Finally, I get to teach it!

I will keep you posted here on my progress with this course at CBT Nuggets. It will be MANY videos covering the following areas:

  • Plan, Deploy, Manage, and Troubleshoot Mailbox Databases 
  • Plan, Deploy, Manage and Troubleshoot Client Access Services
  • Plan, Deploy, Manage, and Troubleshoot Transport Services
  • Plan, Deploy, and Manage Exchange Infrastructure, Recipients, and Security
  • Plan, Deploy, and Manage Compliance, Archiving, eDiscovery, and Auditing
  • Implement and Manage Coexistence, Hybrid Scenarios, Migration, and Federation

If you are looking for an exciting lab environment to go along with this course – I provide all the instructions and scripts that you need to spin up a scalable practice lab in Microsoft Azure!

I hope you are as excited for this new course as I am!