A Look Back at 2015 at AJSNetworking.com


Thank you to all of the faithful readers here at AJSNetworking.com for an incredible year.


2015 in Review

Just wanted to recap some fun facts as we get ready for an even better 2016 here at the blog!

  • I finally surpassed the 100,000 view mark. I was obviously super excited about this. I cannot wait to help even more around the world this year.
  • The busiest day of the year for the blog was an easy one to see – November 21st, 2015. This was thanks to a massive announcement from none other than Cisco Systems. All of the CCIE Written Exams changed at once. 🙂 I posted about it here, and this was the most popular post of the year – http://www.ajsnetworking.com/all-ccie-written-exams-changing/
  • I created only 125 posts in 2015. I was really disappointed by this number and will crush it in 2016.
  • I was thrilled to see that the total site article archive has grown to 318 posts.
  • What was the second most popular post? Well, I think this headline grabbed a lot of attention. 🙂 I am a CCNA Data Center Bad Ass!
  • Where did most of my traffic come from? Facebook. My fan page there Anthony Sequeira – Trainer gets a lot of traction around the world. Especially in the super awesome country of India.
  • You can also find me active on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • A surprising big time referral site was techexams.net – I checked it out briefly today and it looks pretty cool – I will be sure to register over there and give it a deeper look.
  • The top countries that enjoyed my site were the United States, UK, and India. Three places I love!
  •  The top contributors here were Ian, Pieterjan Denys, Mark, John, and Arindam Kar. Check your email guys as I sent correspondence today. 🙂

Thank you once again for an incredible year here – and you are going to be AMAZED at what 2016 brings!

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  1. I received email and I appreciate it a lot, stay awesome keep blogging and I promise I will keep commenting

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