CCENT (ICND1 100-101) Cisco IOS Quiz 1

Many requests for more CCENT (ICND1) quizzes! Here you go. Another fun 5 question quiz. This time, some super tricky ones are lurking.

CCENT (ICND1 100-101)

This exam focuses on the operation of the IOS.
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30 thoughts on “CCENT (ICND1 100-101) Cisco IOS Quiz 1

  1. 77% but just started studying Cisco picked some things up from the network hangouts.

    Keep those quizzes coming. It might not be a bad idea to join all the smaller quizzes together to one big one when your run out of ideas.

    1. Great job Pieterjan – love how you are mastering Cisco and Juniper. You will have about 99% of the R&S market covered. 🙂

      1. I originally started studying Juniper from the idea that is not as popular as Cisco and hence there where be less concurrents/colleague’s in the field and it might be easier to find a job in it.

        However I placed Juniper on the backburner for now since it’s quite hard to find good study-material for it. Especially lab exercises to get that precious practical experience that we are, I guess all looking for. So you morph all the theory you learned in a clear picture. All by all in my honest opinion, Juniper seems to have a steeper learning curve then Cisco.

        1. I want to make Juniper training HQ. There is such a lack of training materials out there is it scary. Stay tuned.

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