What Is Upcoming from CBT Nuggets and Anthony Sequeira

5674960372_f3902c039c_oI find it hard to sleep at night with all the excitement of my current CBT Nuggets course (JN0-102), and what is upcoming later this month and next!

Check out the next courses to hit the virtual shelves!

Cisco CCIE RS v5 All-In-One: 5.0 Infrastructure Security

Cisco CCIE RS v5 All-In-One: 6.0 Infrastructure Services

Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals (CCNA Cloud)

Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration (CCNA Cloud)

Conducting Cisco Unified Wireless Site Survey (CCNP Wireless)

Are you waiting for a particular course to hit from CBT Nuggets? Let us know in the comments below!

17 thoughts on “What Is Upcoming from CBT Nuggets and Anthony Sequeira

  1. Thanks for the most excellent work on the CBT CCIE nuggets. Do you know what the ETA is for 5.0 and 6.0?

  2. I can’t wait for CCNA Cloud! Hopefully the ETA is soon, the course offered by Cisco is way too expensive.. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Hello Jack! Thanks so much – I am super excited to make those courses.

      I will be sure to post accurate ETAs here as I flesh them out. The great news is that the courses in front of Cloud are going to go very quickly for me as they are my super strong areas.

  3. I will begin 5 and 6 in two weeks time. They will go very quickly as they are two of my stronger areas. I will post here accurate dates once I begin them in two weeks.

    Thanks so much!!!

    1. We are indeed looking at producing videos for other CCIE tracks. Security, Data Center, and Collaboration would certainly be candidates. Once our CCIE R&S courses are complete, it will be exciting to see how they are viewed. If they are as popular as we think, other CCIE tracks can follow.

  4. hello sir … i depend your cbt tutorials in my cisco journey … but there is some thing suffering from …. it is the lectures 🙁 is there any slides or document for each series in addition for nuggets lab ?? it would be very helpful when studying and depend it as a resources ….
    and i’d like to thank you for viewing :p

    1. Thank you for the excellent recommendation. Really interesting idea to provide the whiteboard materials as well. I will discuss this with the other trainers. I am starting to provide a lot more resources now with my courses. For example, in my current Juniper course, I am providing the students with hundreds of electronic flash cards to help master the material.

  5. Hi Anthony,

    Glad you’re going to be making all these courses. One question though, why the Junos course, if Scott Morris just made one last year? Is he no longer with CBT Nuggets? I see they phased out his f5 course too :/

    1. Hi Mark!

      Correct – Scott Morris is no longer with CBT Nuggets. He is a much better fit for his live classroom instruction I believe.

  6. Thanks Anthony for the great wrk. Do u think it will take more than a two months to complete 5&6 for CCIE R&S cz am following the track an d hope i cd get done with 123&4 in two months time and wd lv to jump inti those two new ones immediately.

    1. No – you will be all set! I am finishing Juniper next week – the moving directly to those two CCIE courses that are remaining. They will go much quicker then some of the other parts due to shorter outlines, and more straightforward content.

    1. I can share what I know at this point. Juniper completes August 14, 2015. CCIE Parts 5 and 6 begin August 17, 2015. I will get those completion dates out soon. Those classes will go very fast.

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