Virtualization Through the Years!

So far I am really enjoying my read of Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals – all review at this point – but what an excellent and fun writer. Click the image below to order your copy:

One excellent section was an illustration showing major advancements in virtualization – amazing how some of these were developed before you and I were even born! I included some links to make this even more fun.

  • 1957: Time sharing (University of Stanford).
  • 1962: Virtual memory (University of Manchester).
  • 1972: Virtual machine (IBM).
  • 1984: Virtual LocalArea Networks (Bellcore).
  • 1987: Redundant Array of Independent Disks (University of California, Berkeley).
  • 1994: EtherChannel (Kalpana).
  • 1996: Virtual Routing and Forwarding (Cisco), logical unit number (Shugart Associates).
  • 1997: Virtual Tape Library (IBM), LAN Emulation over Asynchronous Transfer Mode (Bay Networks and Madge Networks).
  • 1998: Hot Standby Router Protocol (Cisco).
  • 1999: x86 Virtualization (VMware).
  • 2001: Storage Virtualization (DataCore) and VMware ESX (VMware).
  • 2003: Firewall Virtual Contexts (Cisco), Virtual SAN (Cisco), XEN (University of Cambridge), and vMotion (VMware).
  • 2004: Microsoft Virtual Server (Microsoft).
  • 2005: MetroCluster (NetApp), SAN Volume Controller (IBM), and Invista (EMC).
  • 2006: Server Load Balancer Virtual Context (Cisco), N_Port Identifier Virtualization (Emulex, IBM, McData), Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon). 2007: Virtual Switching System (Cisco), KVM (open source).
  • 2008: Fibre Channel over Ethernet (Cisco, Emulex, QLogic), Virtual Device Context (Cisco), Hyper-V (Microsoft)
  • 2009: vSphere Virtual Infrastructure (VMware), Virtual PortChannel (Cisco), Fabric Extender (Cisco), Unified Computing System (UCS) service profile, Distributed Virtual Switch (VMware).
  • 2010: Overlay Transport Virtualization (Cisco), Virtual Machine Fabric Extender (Cisco), VPLEX (EMC), Open vSwitch (open source), FabricPath (Cisco), vCloud Director (VMware), OpenStack (Rackspace and NASA).
  • 2011: Virtual Network Data Path (Cisco), Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network (VMware, Cisco, Red Hat, Citrix, and others), OpenFlow (Open Networking Foundation), Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (Cisco).
  • 2012: ASA 1000V (Cisco), vCloud Suite (VMware), Cisco OpenStack Edition (Cisco), and Cisco Open Network Environment (Cisco).

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