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Enjoy My Latest Podcast – ID10Ttech!

Tech Podcast

Ever wondered what I would sound like if I got together with one of my best friends (Walter Sanford) and did an “unfiltered” explicit Podcast on Technology? Well – wait no longer – here it is.

We have 7 episodes up on iTunes and wherever else Podcasts are presented. I hope you enjoy! If you do, please rate us, if you don’t, please tell no one. 🙂

In this first episode, we concentrate on Microsoft Windows. Ever heard of it?

My Interview Podcast with the Broadcast Storm!


Thanks so much to Kevin Wallace for featuring an interview with yours truly in his recent podcast episode.

Here is the link for the podcast if you would like to check it out!

In this podcast we discuss:

  • Tips for the Troubleshooting Section of the CCIE R/S Lab
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Anthony’s New CCIE R&S Prep Club
  • What Anthony has Learned from Tony Robbins
  • What Anthony is Working on Now
  • And More…

Top Rated Podcasts!


OK – sometimes I like to blog lists like this so I remember myself to go check things out. I am getting ready to create my own podcast (on Networking of course!). Here is a list that iPhone Life Magazine ran. It is a list of the staff and reader’s favorite Podcasts. I have not checked these out yet – but I sure plan on it. I hope you enjoy some (or all)  of these:

  • Mystery Show – a unique podcast where a woman needs to solve mysteries, and oh yeah – she cannot use the Internet!
  • Note to Self – this podcast covers the tech age we live in and how it can effect our lives.
  • Snap Judgement – some of the most fascinating stories ever told!
  • Invisibilia – take a deep dive into your mind!
  • Common Sense with Dan Carlin – this podcast features an awesome take on current events.
  • Grammar Girl – we can all use a dose of this podcast I bet. We can brush up on interesting and often overlooked important grammar rules.
  • The Joe Rogan Experience – fascinating guests with a real “just sitting around chatting” feel.
  • One Bad Mother – a hilarious podcast where two Mom’s remind us all how hard their job is and how little credit they get!