The First Section of MD-101 is Available!


That’s right! many of you were asking me about MD-101 Managing Modern Desktops. The first section is complete and available here.

Here are the details about this exciting section of the course. Note that many of these Nuggets include a fully functional Hands-On Lab for you to practice these configurations with!

Microsoft Windows 10: Deploy and Update

  • Windows 10 Deployment Scenarios
  • Managing Provisioning Packages
  • Windows Autopilot Deployment Options
  • Windows Autopilot Requirements
  • Adding Devices to Autopilot
  • Adding Devices to Autopilot Using Intune
  • Using Autopilot Deployment Profiles
  • Piloting a Windows Autopilot Deployment
  • Windows Analytics
  • Setting Up Windows Analytics in Azure
  • Performing an In-Place Upgrade
  • System Imaging
  • Restoring a System Image
  • Exploring Windows Update for Business
  • Configuring Windows Update for Business with Intune

7 thoughts on “The First Section of MD-101 is Available!

  1. A nice high level overview of some features of Intune. I had hoped that it was much deeper. I’ve been having a bear of a time with client apps deployment and Azure Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention. You touched on that monitoring AIP with analytics but then poof – change of subject. The powershell scripting for pulling the blob of a device is essential. I spent an afternoon going through MS Documents pulling all that together, unrestricting execution policy, pulling the script, and outputing the file.

    I need to get a much better handle on when the client apps open work data vs personal data and where it can be or must be saved. For instance Adobe Acrobat only works with personal data but Edge is authorized for work files. Most businesses use Adobe for PDF and Edge has no features. Arghh – going crazy.

    There are no books out for any of the new MS exams (hint – write one) where a person can get definitive answers on all the material.

    I enjoyed the overview but I hope you will consider bringing more meat into the next set of videos

    1. Hi Jim! Thanks for the comments! As you know, the priority with this course is to give the learners the skills required to pass this exam This first section of videos touched on points that are certainly covered later, but I fear you will have specific issues the course might never answer. Please get those to me as you have done here so that when we are creating additonal skills at CBT Nuggets that are not as Certification focused – we can tackle those issues! Thanks again!

  2. PS – I restarted my CBT Nuggets account just for your classes. Hopefully, you’ll create a AZ-103 or AZ-300 course.

    1. Yes, we have Knox, Ben, Chuck, and soon myself all cranking out Azure content! Microsoft is hell-bent on chipping away at AWS! 🙂

  3. Do you know when part 2 and 4 will be published ?
    For those who have their 698 we need to do this cert before 1st August and times ticking quickly !

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