The CBT Nuggets CCDA 200-310 Outline

As I draw very near the close of this course, I wanted to share the outline with you. This does not include some case study Nuggets I am going to shoot, but it does give you an idea for the major topics. Enjoy!

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Plan, Build, Manage
  3. The PPDIOO Network Lifecycle
  4. Characterizing the Existing Network
  5. IP SLA
  6. Top-Down Versus Bottom-Up
  7. Building a Modular Network
  8. Applying Modularity
  9. Campus Network Design
  10. Designing Enterprise Network Security
  11. Designing the Edge Module
  12. WAN Design
  13. Branch Design
  14. Connecting to the Data Center
  15. IP Addressing
  16. Routing Protocols
  17. QoS
  18. Wireless
  19. Collaboration
  20. SDNPlan and Build Still

5 thoughts on “The CBT Nuggets CCDA 200-310 Outline

  1. Thank you Anthony for the post.

    I am planning to appear this newer version of CCDA. How to obtain your video of ccda-200-310

  2. I have just visited CBT nugget portal… Seems like this course vidoe is still in progress. When will u able to complete all video… Any idea about pricing

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