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Learn Linux Now!

Just try and stop watching this show!

So I made the “mistake” late last night of starting the Linux+ show at ITPro.TV ! Oh my goodness! I could not stop watching. And here I thought I knew Linux. This show is truly binge-worthy, and I would challenge anyone to find me superior online, self-paced Linux training. (I have tried them all, including videos from the Linux Academy!)

What makes this training so special is a long list:

  • The “two trainers are better than one” modality
  • Don Pezet’s deep knowledge and enthusiasm for everything Linux
  • The depth of the coverage – I even loved the intro episodes covering the origins of Linux and details I NEVER knew
  • Don’s ability to make Linux so simple and fun to learn
  • The Hands-On Labs to practice what I just learned
  • The pace of the episodes
  • The episode lengths which always seemed “just right”
  • The remarkable quality of the production; everyone is trying to do video now – and most are failing miserably – ITProTV is the gold standard for true video training
Don in action!!!

Again – I challenge you – find me superior Linux training on the InterWeb. 🙂 This show I was watching was the official Linux+ training covering the very latest version of the CompTIA exam. NOTE: There were many other Linux shows that I could have picked from!

If you are interested in obtaining your Linux+ certification, then this show is definitely for you. ITProTV took great care to map the episodes very closely to the specific exam objectives. Sections include:

  • Performing Basic Linux Tasks
  • Managing Users and Groups
  • Managing Permissions and Ownership
  • Managing Storage
  • Managing Files and Directories
  • Managing Kernel Modules
  • Managing the Linux Boot Process
  • Managing System Components
  • Managing Devices
  • Managing Networking
  • Managing Packages and Software
  • Securing Linux Systems
  • Working with Bash Scripts
  • Automating Tasks
  • Installing Linux

Get started today learning for FREE!

New CBT Nuggets Course – Linux Foundation Certified Sysadmin

Linux Certified

Resident CBT Nuggets Linux guru Shawn Powers released his latest course, Linux Foundation Certified Sysadmin. The 71-video, entry-level training covers the knowledge needed to be a Linux system administrator, making it ideal for those newer to Linux.

Shawn’s training also maps to the Linux Foundation Certified SysAdmin (LFCS) exam, making it an ideal training resource for learners.

Topics this course covers include:

  • Command Line Essentials
  • Networking
  • System Management
  • User & Group Management
  • Service Configuration
  • Storage Installation & Configuration

Included in this course are:

  • 71 videos
  • In-video quiz questions

My New Favorite Computer for $180??? Thanks Linux!


Sometimes you happen upon something so cool, you just gotta share it with the world. That moment came today when I turned my Chromebook into my new favorite system (of many!). Here is the step by step how I used Linux to create this awesome laptop.

Step 1: Purchased a new HP Chromebook from The exact system I got is actually a little cheaper today! HP Chromebook 11 G5, 11.6″, Celeron, 4GB, 16GB, X9U02UT. I picked this system because of the price/hardware ratio. The one little issue is that you have to perform an additional step of changing the firmware, but I think it was well worth it. 

Step 2: I popped the Chromebook into Developer Mode and changed the firmware to allow the installation of a new Operating System using the detailed and clear instructions here: . Notice that I decided on the GalliumOS version of Linux since it is optimized for the Chromebook and the reviews of this product have been excellent. I am so impressed I am donating after I post this!

Step 3: I downloaded GalliumOS to a thumb drive. Notice that I decided to completely get rid of ChromeOS on the device. For me – it was Linux or bust. I do wish I had created a recovery drive before I moved forward so I could have put ChromeOS back in the event I was not happy, but as it turned out – I am not going back after all. 😋 The instructions for this step are here:

Step 4: I followed these instructions for creating the bootable thumb drive for the installation.

Should you have any questions on this, I would love to help in the comments area below.