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What Do You Want to Learn in the Next VIRL Webinar

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Thanks to the huge response to the VIRL webinar conducted with CBT Nuggets and Cisco Systems, we would love to plan another. My idea for a topic is Using AutoNetKit. In this 30 minute presentation we will teach students to make the most of this tool for automating your configurations.

Do you think this idea is awesome? Or perhaps you have another idea for the next Webinar. Let us know in the comments field below!


New Course: Cisco R&S Troubleshooting Mastery


Announcing a new video training course from CBT Nuggets, “Cisco R&S Troubleshooting Mastery.”

During this 20-video course, trainers Keith Barker and Anthony Sequeira cover the ins and outs of troubleshooting various Cisco routing and switching technologies. Here’s a sample of the topics they discuss and explain: VLAN troubleshooting, solving EIGRP adjacency failures, and routing redistribution.

Here’s a complete list of the videos in this course:

  1. Course Introduction
  2. The “Art” of VLAN Troubleshooting
  3. Got Trunk?
  4. Troubleshooting VTP
  5. Surviving STP
  6. Multiple Spanning Tree (MST)
  7. Don’t Fumble your Bundle!
  8. Foolproof Frame-Relay
  9. Troubleshooting PPP
  10. Solving EIGRP Adjacency Failures
  11. Where are my EIGRP Routes?!?!
  12. OSPF Refuses to Neighbor!!!
  13. Where are my OSPF Routes?!?!
  14. Surviving RIP
  15. BGP Refuses to Neighbor!!!
  16. Where are my BGP Routes?!?!
  17. Foolproof Policy-Based Routing (PBR)
  18. Solving Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE)
  19. Routing Redistribution
  20. Troubleshooting in R&S Cert Exams

While this course isn’t tied to a specific certification, the material covered in this course can prove helpful when it comes to preparing for the CCENT, CCNA R&S, CCNP R&S, and CCIE R&S exams.

Get ready to learn how to troubleshoot like you’ve never before! Start watching this coursetoday.

Cisco R&S Troubleshooting Mastery with Anthony Sequeira AND Keith Barker!


Keith Barker and Anthony Sequeira are busy creating a new series, “Cisco R&S Troubleshooting Mastery.”

In this series, Keith and Anthony – yes, both of them! – walk through Cisco troubleshooting for routing and switching technologies, including topics such as Layer 2 constructs, EIGRP speakers, and more.

Subscribers can access completed videos here.

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