Notes from my Live Stream – New Cisco Certs 2020!

Did you miss the Live Stream today on the new Cisco Certs coming early 2020? No problem – here is the recording. If you do not have thirty minutes to spare – no worries, my notes from the Live Stream are below:

What is staying the same?

  • The levels are still there for us – Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, Architect
  • The tracks are still there for us – Collaboration, Security, Data Center, Enterprise (R&S), Service Provider, etc.

What is changing?

  • Many of the certs are retiring; their content will be distributed into the remaining levels and tracks
    • CCENT
    • CCDA
    • CCDP
    • CCNP Cloud (worked into Data Center track)
    • CCNP Wireless (worked into Enterprise track)
    • Every CCNA outside of just…one single CCNA exam
  • There are new requirements, for example, to get a CCNP Enterprise, you pass one core exam and one concentration exam (from many)
  • There are some exam format changes – for example, the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure lab exam is now consisting of two parts instead of three!
  • There is a new DevNet track!

Why all these changes? (My opinions)

  • Cisco was VERY behind on many exams and tracks
  • Cisco wanted Certs to track to job roles better – the concentrations to pick from accommodating this beautifully
  • Cisco wanted to improve their exams and their exam protections
  • They wanted to introduce some new formats

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