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Nightly Nugget of Knowledge – Photoshop!

Tonight’s Nugget of Knowledge was so entertaining and fun for me. I enjoyed the Photoshop Intro and Interface Tour Nugget of the Photoshop for Developers course at CBT Nuggets by Glen Stephens. For right now, this course is located in the Upcoming Videos section of the Website, and I totally plan on enjoying these Nuggets as they are produced for sure.


I have always been a Photoshop lover, but I have never been able to really take my abilities with the software to the next level. I tend to buy the Adobe Classroom in a Book for each new version, and then never stay disciplined enough to stick with that entire course/book. I can already see that this Nugget series will have me more proficient than ever before and I will enjoy the journey immensely!

This first Nugget was so entertaining because it provided some very key tips on setting up Photoshop for enhanced success in working with it. The Nugget ended with a great teaser on key features and functionality that we will be mastering in upcoming Nuggets. Even the interface tour taught me some things to think about that I had never considered before, like how the tools in the toolbar actually do have an organizational thought process to their arrangement.

Well, I cannot wait for tomorrow night and the next Nugget in the course!