Switching and the ASA Arrive in VIRL in April 2015

Here are my notes from the second (March 2015) VIRL Webinar.

  • IOSvL2 arrives with the next VIRL version slated for April
    • You can download a new OVA for a clean install, or if you are on the latest version – use the VIRL Software panel to upgrade
    • Adding the IOSvL2 to your topology counts against the 15 node limit – the unmanaged switch does not
    • The IOSvL2 code is based on 15.2 – it provides 16 GigE interfaces
    • The switch can be configured from scratch, or you can use AutoNetkit
    • The default unconfigured switch is in Layer 3 mode, AutoNetkit converts to all Layer 2 by default
    • The focus was on Layer 2 features, so some Layer 3 things might not work yet
    • SPAN and Private VLANs will not be supported at this time
  • ASAv can be used today in VIRL
    • Demo provided in the Webinar on how to do this
    • NOTE: ASAv download from Cisco requires a Support Contract
    • ASAv arrives in VIRL in April release as well
  • Packet Captures are now simple and integrated in April release
  • NXOSv
    • Improvements coming in April
    • Note – this is not an emulator like the other images – it is more of a simulation
    • Features will include programming using NX-API, Fabric Path, and DCI using BGP or MPLS

I will be creating a new training course on this release of VIRL at CBT Nuggets. The course will include files for using VIRL as the lab platform for your CCENT, CCNA, CCNA Security, CCNP, etc. studies.


26 thoughts on “Switching and the ASA Arrive in VIRL in April 2015

  1. Hi Anthony

    On time good overview of the latest update to the VIRL by you, thanks much for that. I am just disappointed to read that NXOS is much of a simulation and not emulation. Hoping Cisco may move towards “emulation” for NXOS in future for VIRL.


    1. Yes – they are certainly working on that. Each new VIRL update, we will see more and more features arriving.

      For example, in the update planned for this month, we will see FabricPath finally make it to the emulator.

  2. Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for the information on the update this is very helpful for me as I prepare for CCIE R&S studies.

    Do you know if external switches will count for the 15 device count limit in the VIRL personal edition?

    1. Hi Danny!

      They really believe April is still accurate. So I would say we get it in the next two weeks. I check for it every day so I will be sure to post here the minute it is released.

  3. I checked for updates, and saw the ASAv and the IOSvl2 images. I downloaded and was able to add the asa to my topology. Though I’m able to add the lOSvl2 to my topology, when I fire up the simulation I get an error stating Image IOSvl2 was not found in OpenStack. Are they just teasing us?

    1. Hi Joe! It sounds like you jumped the gun. Be patient. 🙂 They are needing to update VIRL in order to fully support both new images properly and they have not done that yet. Be sure you are at version VIRL 0.9.17 so that when the next version does hit, you are ready for it.

      1. Anthony,
        Yeah you’re probably right. The ASAv seems to be functional at least. I really haven’t had much time to dive fully into virl. Though I’m trying to prove this would be a useful tool for network team.

    1. Ok just want to add, as many of you may know, ASAv is a memory hog. Maybe it was my settings not sure, but I had issues with multiple ASAs in GNS3 as well.

  4. yaa hoo!!!!!!!

    VIRL new upgrade available with the L2 feature and vASA.

    Did you say L2?!

    We know you all have waited for a long time…. and now the two of the most requested features – IOSvL2 and ASAv, are finally here!
    We have a brand new release of VIRL Personal Edition available as of 04/21/15, which also included the Integrated Packet capture and Interface state controls which were shown in the March Webinar. Not to forget a new IOSv and NXOSv virtual machine images too!
    You can now use the In Place Upgrade feature. The OVA and ISO are NOT available yet, but will be soon!

    Click here for more information on each VIRL release since we launched last Decemeber.

    PLEASE NOTE: Support for v0.9.17 will end on 21st May. Please upgrade as soon as possible.

  5. Hi guys,
    Good to hear that VIRL is finally consolidating with layer2 and security. Please i’ll let to get on the team, i need to know what steps to proceed with for purchasing. Do i get the personal edition? I want to start with my MAC laptop, and then move to a virtual appliance on a UCS later on.

    Awaiting comments 🙂

    1. Yes – you purchase the Personal Edition through the virl.cisco.com site. This permits the emulation of 15 devices. If you need more devices than this – the Cisco Modeling Labs product is what you require.

  6. can we implement ISE ACS WSA in virl ?

    if i wanna build CCIE security on VIRL.. what the specification of the machine ?>


    1. For CCIE Sec studies – right now you can do the Layer 2 switches, routers, and ASA devices. No ISE or ACS, but keep in mind you could connect those boxes to the VIRL system. For the specs of your VIRL system – see virl.cisco.com

  7. Hi Anthony,

    I am really contemplating on asking my boss for purchasing a personal edition for this software IF only I can create site to multi site vpn’s using ASA’s as the customer edge and the routers as the ISP’s. Also will all the images ie routers, layer 2 switches, firewalls or other virtual appliances already included once I purchase the software?


    1. Yes – all of the images are available once you purchase. Just be sure you have a machine powerful enough to run these various images!

      1. Hi Anthony,

        Does that mean that I do not need to purchase any licenses for the virtual appliances in order to have additional features? ie firewalls for site to site vpn or multi-context features? routers for full blown ISP capability? MPLS, VPLS?

        Please let me know the soonest so I can talk to my boss about this!


        1. Not that I am aware of. If you have specific questions on the limitations of the virtual images as they ship today, I would recommend that you hit the VIRL community with your questions – http://community.dev-innovate.com/c/virl. Keep in mind that while you do not need additional licensing, some of the images do lack features. For example – the NX-OS lacks many Layer 2 features. This is the greatest example of lacking features, however, since the image is more of a simulation instead of an emulation. The other images – IOSv, ASAv, etc are more full featured.

  8. “◾NOTE: ASAv download from Cisco requires a Support Contract”

    Hey Anthony,

    I am thinking of getting VIRL for CCNP-Security studies and don’t want to purchase any physical ASAs. Does the statement above mean I can’t get this as a personal user running this at home with just the personal edition licence? Thanks.

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