What is RTP in VoIP and Why Do We Need It?

ASA Basic Interface Configurations

I am off and running – wohoo! For today’s reading, I enjoyed the appropriate sections of the ASA All In One text from Cisco Press.


For lab work – I read the CCNP Security Lab Workbook from ACIT.in. I then created my own lab allowing me to practice a similar set of exercises in GNS3.


In this first objective  – we just need to be able to FLY through the basic configurations on an ASA interface. Remember, these interfaces possess names and security levels. Remember also that we are going to ping from the ASA to verify connectivity. We cannot, be default, ping through the ASA.

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GNS3 – Its Not Just For Routers Anymore

I have never been that big a fan of GNS3/Dynamips. I mean, I will use it in a pinch, like flying across the country and writing an article that requires I have access to the CLI, but that is about it.

Now – that is going to change a bit. With the GNS3/PEMU platform able to emulate the Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) from Cisco Systems, I can use it for a huge chunk of my CCIE Security Version 4 lab prep.

In order to quickly get up to speed with the latest version of these technologies, I turned to the Keith Barker created series at CBTNugget.com. Yes, that’s right, he did an entire series on getting the most out of GNS3. I did not watch the entire thing – just enough to get my ASAs up and running for practice.

Since my Hands On Practice will begin with the ASAs, I will be using this emulator platform for initial preparation. Of course I will detail exactly what I am doing here at the blog!