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What was on Fire at Microsoft Ignite 2017?


This conference was certainly short on big product announcements, but it was long on visions for the future involving super exciting emerging technologies. Below is a list of hot topics from Microsoft at the event!

  • The keynote set the tone by emphasizing mixed reality, artificial intelligence (AI), and quantum computing; all of these are impacting key Microsoft products including Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure
    • Microsoft 365 refers to Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security plus other Microsoft apps
    • Dynamics 365 refers to Microsoft’s cloud-based ERP and CRM enterprise system
    • Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud offering
  • Microsoft is pushing a new programming language aimed at quantum computing
  • Microsoft 365 F1
  • Microsoft 365 Education
  • Microsoft 365 Powered Devices
  • Teams (replacing Skype for Business)
  • Bing with AI
  • LinkedIn Profile Cards in more and more MS apps
  • Windows AutoPilot – a collection of technologies used to set up and pre-configure new devices, getting them ready for productive use; also, you can use Windows AutoPilot to reset, repurpose and recover devices
  • ATP – Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection
  • Azure
    • Stack Shipping
    • Hybrid Benefit
    • Cost Management
    • Security Center
    • Machine Learning
    • Cosmos DB
    • Cognitive Services
  • SQL Server
    • Linux and Docker support
    • DB Migration Service (to Azure)
    • SQL Data Warehouse


70-697 – Data Storage Topics in Windows 10

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In this action packed Nugget, we examine some of the awesome new data storage technologies of Windows 10!

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CBT Nuggets’ Windows 10 70-697: Configuring Windows Devices Course Outline


I know that many of you are going through the Nuggets as they publish each week here at the CBT Nuggets site. Here is the complete course outline so you can easily track your progress. Enjoy! By the way – the Nuggets you see in bold means I have completed and uploaded them. If they do not appear in your course yet – it is because they are going through the very stringent review process.

  • Nugget 1: 70-697 Course Introduction
  • Nugget 2: Key Administration Tools
  • Nugget 3: Install Apps Using Office 365
  • Nugget 4: Windows Store Apps
  • Nugget 5: Sideloading Apps
  • Nugget 6: Using your Microsoft Account with Windows 10
  • Nugget 7: Other Authentication Options
  • Nugget 8: User Profiles
  • Nugget 9: Hyper-V
  • Nugget 10: Offline Files
  • Nugget 11: Windows To Go
  • Nugget 12: WiFi Direct
  • Nugget 13: Power
  • Nugget 14: BitLocker
  • Nugget 15: Manage Devices with Microsoft Intune
  • Nugget 16: Support Mobile Devices with Intune
  • Nugget 17: Deploy Software Updates by Using Microsoft Intune
  • Nugget 18: Configure IP and Network Settings
  • Nugget 19: Configure and Maintain Network Security
  • Nugget 20: Data Storage Topics
  • Nugget 21: EFS
  • Nugget 22: Share and NTF Permissions
  • Nugget 23: Libraries
  • Nugget 24: HomeGroups
  • Nugget 25: Other Printer and File Options
  • Nugget 26: Configure Remote Connections
  • Nugget 27: Deploy and manage Azure RemoteApp
  • Nugget 28: Support desktop apps
  • Nugget 29: Your 70-697 Exam