Evolving Technologies Training!

Here is your master list of topics and videos for your Evolving Technologies section of every CCIE Written Exam – enjoy!


To make sure I get all of these topics covered in a timely manner, I have a partnered with Terry Vinson in an inexpensive e-book for you on this:

CCIE Evolving Technologies

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1. Cloud
1.1: Compare and contrast Cloud deployment models

1.2: Describe Cloud implementations and operations

  • Automation and orchestration
  • Workload mobility
  • Troubleshooting and management
  • OpenStack components

2. Network Programmability

2.1: Describe functional elements of network programmability (SDN) and how they interact

2.2: Describe aspects of virtualization and automation in network environments

  • DevOps methodologies, tools and workflows
  • Network/application function virtualization (NFV, AFV)
  • Service function chaining
  • Performance, availability, and scaling considerations

3. Internet of Things

3.1: Describe architectural framework and deployment considerations for Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Performance, reliability and scalability
  • Mobility
  • Security and privacy
  • Standards and compliance
  • Migration
  • Environmental impacts on the network

7 thoughts on “Evolving Technologies Training!

  1. Good job Anthony!

    When you plan finish this course update? Because I prepare to CCIE R&S written exam and I would like to attempt written exam about August or September.

    Best regards

    1. I will be addressing each topic above with posts – either or text or videos as you have seen. There will be no CBT Nuggets course aligning with this list directly.

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